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Hey! My name is Harmee/Harmi and as u can see on my profile, I'm a Malaysian. I am a guy that loves girl stuff and I'm kinda silly sometimes. I like to use shortforms but I rarely used it around here due to the fact of understanding difficulties. I like to make art too and u can watch my art here!. What else? Um, lemme think.. Oh yeah, my fav fairy in the Winx's shows is Musa (The Fairy of Music as all of u know) . She's really awesome but I don't really "do" music like her. All I gotta say is "SHE ROCK!". And did I ever tell u guys how much I love her voice actress in the Nick dubbed (Romi Dames of course). OMG! She's f*ckin' awesome (Again, I know that's rude to use that word). I'm interested in many cartoons, u can seee the list below. I guess tat's all then. Later...

My Absolute Fav Cartoon ^^

  • Winx Club series
  • Barbie series
  • Ben 10 series
  • Disney Fairies
  • Disney Princess
  • Bakugan series
  • Ever After High
  • Monster High

My Friend(s)

I love my friends alot <3! I would be REALLY lonely without them. Wish them all the best in their daily life! And thanks for being my friend! 

Well, I wish there's more. But I'm sure there's more in the future! 

An Awesomenesss I've Gotta Share!

Romi Dames Morgan Decker & Amy Gross talk about voice over work @ AMC in Burbank!

Romi Dames Morgan Decker & Amy Gross talk about voice over work @ AMC in Burbank!

Nick Voice Actresses being interviewed on their canon winx character!

Winx Stella & Brandon - Speak Now-0

Winx Stella & Brandon - Speak Now-0

A fanmade video "SPEAK NOW" by Taylor Swift featuring Stella and Brandon.

To Nick's fan (eventho' maybe u r not) U can see these "gurlZ" demonstrating the Winx voice in their Charmix version. Oh yeah, don't bug me saying that where is Molly and Keke because they're not inside the videos. (Of course u won't bug me rite? I'm not the one who record or shoot this video, silly me) Well, nothing much to say. Because I know you will love this video as much as I do! :D Enjoy!!!

Well, I love this video. It's creative. It seems OLD because the scenes are from S2. I am not quite sure what episode it is, but the video really suit the music. "Speak Now" is sung by Taylor Swift. I have to say the storyline is suitable for Stella and Brandon story. Plus, Brandon is my fav specialists in the Nick show. Not much to say, but ENJOY!!

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