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 Black★Rock Shooter
Hatsune Miku Appends
ryo (Music, Lyrics), huke(PV)
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Roxy's Featured Article

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Roxy is a protagonist and a main character who appears in Season 4 and Season 5 as a minor character. Roxy studies at Alfea, and throughout Season 4 cooperates with the Winx Club. She along with Bloom is responsible for stopping Morgana's plan to revenge the human and The Wizard of The Black Circle.

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Senbonzakura's Featured Article

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Senbonzakura is a song created by Kurousa-P, performed by Hatsune Miku. This song was originally uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga on October 17, 2011. It quickly became one of Miku's most popular songs with over 5,200,000 views to date.

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Project Track List

Track List
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Date Release
Tracklist's Name
No. Title Singer
1. "悪ノ娘" (Daughter of Evil) Kagamine Rin
2. "悪ノ召使" (Servant of Evil) Kagamine Len
3. "リグレットメッセージ" (Regret Message) Kagamine Rin
4. "Re_Birthday" (Re_Birthday) Kagamine Len
5. "白ノ娘" (Daughter of White) Hatsune Miku
6. "トワイライトプランク" (Twiright Prank) Asami Shimoda & The Kagamines
7. "樹の乙女~千年のヴィーゲンリート~" (Wooden Girl ~ Thousand Year Wiegenlied~) Hatsune Miku
8. "針音ノ時計塔" (Sound of Clocktower Needle) Kaito & Yuki

Project Signatures

Senbonzakura, yoru ni magire, kimi no koe mo, todokanaiyo          

50px-SM.png 鏡音リン ・レン 50px-SM.png

音ルカ100px-Ofclboxart cfm Megurine Luka-illu

318px-8c08ed73d7275c80bafc522804ff326bたこルカ はちゅねミクSs hachune


60px-D3.pngHatsune Miku 

Ofclboxart cfm Hatsune Miku Append-illu初音ミク Appends

Vocaloid Derratives Signature B5-9BNB5-9BHB5-9BTB5-9BE318px-8c08ed73d7275c80bafc522804ff326b

B5-9BARSIG B-59Bartalk B-59Barcontribs

Bdcam 2013-02-22 22-24-04-364 I C B M

初音 50px-Ofclboxart_cfm_Hatsune_Miku-illu.png ミク

TDTD SxP - Profile Rin Kagamines TDTD SxP - Profile Len  Len  Rin  Appends   

鏡音リン ・レン Talk30px-Illu_Vocaloid_Kagamine_RinLen_Append.png

 Karakuri D Pierriot 

ChbiChibi Miku-san!

 D5Magnet minato D6



70px-D4.pngWorld's End Dancehall70px-D2.png


70px-Len.png LeN RiN 70px-Rin.png

80px-Rin_dv.png Kagamine Rin & Len 80px-Len_dv.png

DarkangelHimitsu Keisatsu

Eternal Eternal White 

Left-Behind CityToriko

80px-Hachi.pngKagamine Hachi-Hachi · Hana no Kassen80px-Haci.png

90px-Yukihat.png Yuki Miku 90px-Yuki.png

150px-Paint.png MiraclePaint

150px-Rinsen.pngWaraku - Senbonzakura150px-Lensen.png

  FREELY TOMORROW 100px-Star.png

100px-Heart.png ODDS&ENDS 

DarkKodoku no HateBlue

100px-R%26c.png Romeo &Cinderella 


150px-Quatot.pngSenbon zakura150px-Vaicatot.png

100px-Cat.png CatFood

Unhappy 100px-Un.png Refrain


Kei Nanako

USGakupo x LukaB


Ofclboxart icltd Lily-illu2Lily リリィ

YowaneChibi Miku san 

Sm14Snow Miku

Snow S16 Miku

S9Chibi Miku SanNeko

WChibi Miku-san

W1Chibi Mikusan

Special Sigs

OpalNyx SigNyx Sig talk

Logoluka Lukapo 

Re Dial 

Tada Redal 

BrsBrs main

HalfJVBOther half






  S2  Render riliane lucifen d autriche official art by lenrenane-d60k4rm 

  Low  Yel 

  D5  S10  D6 

  D8  Can  D9 

  Tm  Tell 


The Evillious Chronicles Signatures Collection

Kyle MarlonMarlon

Black Rock Shooter Series Signatures

Black Rock Shooter Wallpaper - BRS Stel 

T Bgs 

St Ibrs 

Ch2 Ch 

Dm2 Dm 

Requested Sigs

Megurine LukaRes


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