Kool Princess

  • I live in a rainbow-colored igloo
  • I was born on June 12
  • My occupation is a Professional Couch Potato/Student
  • I am surely a girl
This user is temporarily inactive.

School's been demanding much of my time lately, but hopefully I can visit every once in a while.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope you understand.

- Kool Princess <3

Welcome to my Userpage

If you need to talk to me or need any help, please leave a message on my talk page.

My Top Fairies (in order)

1. Flora

2. Musa

3. Tecna

4. Roxy

5. Layla

6. Stella

7. Bloom

Fave Couples

1. Helia and Flora

2. Nabu and Layla

3. Roxy and Andy


Liona (OC)

Main Page: Liona


Beautiful FanArt that are made by people I don't know^^

  • Flora Enchantix Chibi
  • Flora Sparklix
  • Roxy Believix 3D
  • Roxy Believix Chibi
  • Roxy Enchantix
  • Roxy Lovix
  • Roxy Sophiex
  • Roxy Sparklix


Kool Princess
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Kool Princess
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Kool Princess
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