Hello! I am MermaidMelodyFanForever, but you can call me MMFF for short. I'm here to help out on the wikia and add information. :) Feel free to check out my Winx Merchandise wikia here. If you have any questions, please send me a message on my talk page. Thank you! ^-^

P.S: Please check out the following website for access to a lot of HD stock photos of Winx Mattel dolls:

Other Outfits Link:

Some HD Bloom Outfits Photos:

A link to promo pictures and early Mattel Winx merchandise:

Prototypes of Believix & Love and Pet dolls:

Winx Styling Heads:

My favorite...


It has to be Helia. He's just so carefree, relaxed, but can be really badass at times! He's really funny too. ^.^


It definitely has to be Enchantix. I love their sparkly outfits, especially the wings!


My Talkboxes

MMFF - Happy Talkbox
MMFF - I'm happy! ツ
TALK - May the Solarian Sun radiate happiness!
I use this when I'm happy!

MMFF - Shocked Talkbox
MMFF - I'm shocked! ^0^
TALK - The Trix! What have they done now?
I use this when I'm shocked!

MMFF - Sad Talkbox
MMFF - I'm sad! ☹
TALK - Brandon doesn't love me!
I use this when I'm sad!

MMFF - Angry Talkbox
MMFF - I'm angry! -.-
TALK - How could you do that?
I use this when I'm angry!

MMFF - Forgiven Talkbox
MMFF - I'm sorry/forgiving mood! ♥
TALK - Aisha! I'm so sorry!
I use this when I'm sorry!

MMFF - Stella Talkbox
MMFF - Stella! ☼
TALK - Fairy of the Sun & Moon!
I use this in Stella's fanpages!

MMFF - Aisha Talkbox
MMFF - Aisha! ♒
TALK - Fairy of Waves!
I use this in Aisha's fanpages!

MMFF - Roxy Talkbox
MMFF - Roxy! =^..^=
TALK - Fairy of Animals!
I use this in Roxy's fanpages!

MMFF - Tecna Talkbox
MMFF - Tecna! □
TALK - Fairy of Technology!
I use this in Tecna's fanpages!

MMFF - Musa Talkbox
MMFF - Musa! ♫
TALK - Fairy of Music!
I use this in Musa's fanpages!

MMFF - Amore Talkbox
MMFF - Amore! ➳ ❤
TALK - Pixie of Love!
I use this in Amore's fanpages!

MMFF - Piff Talkbox
MMFF - Piff!  ̄0 ̄
TALK - Pixie of Sweet Dreams!
I use this in Piff's fanpages!

MMFF - Caramel Talkbox
MMFF - Caramel! ✉
TALK - Pixie of Super Strength!
I use this in Caramel's fanpages!

MMFF - Cherie Talkbox
MMFF - Cherie! ✿
TALK - Pixie of Weather!
I use this in Cherie's fanpages!
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