aka Ai Enma (Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl)

  • I live in My Sunset Universe, Japan
  • I was born on December 13
  • My occupation is Jigoku Shoujo
My rules: 1. Talk to me here ! :) 2. Don't block/accuse me if I didn't do anything wrong. 3. Admins; if I did anything wrong and you're gonna block me, tell me the reason on my TALK PAGE FIRST 4. (most important!) NO COPYING MY STYLE PLEASE!!!!!!!!

"Your grievants shall be avenged..."

— NTA65bz
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Hi everyone! I’m NTA65bz aka Nabeela! I’m a huge fan of Aisha/Layla! I mean, she has the power over Morphix! Isn’t that SO COOL?! Sorry, I got a little too excited. I mean, she can use her Morphix to make a clone of herself! Like in her Enchantix form against the mutant fairy pets. Too bad they can’t move though. L. But she can also shape her Morphix to make it into any tool she wants! If the tool breaks, it can automatically mend itself! :O!!! Well, that’s all you need to know about me now, bye!

Hmmm... I decided I'll write a few more things down. I've changed my feeling a little about Aisha. I'm warming up to Musa now! She's got the power over music, which is... probably better than Morphix. Morphix is important to but... Anyways, Musa's voice (in the Nick dub... No hard feelings, but I like the Nick dub best) is very grown up and a bit tomboyish. I just reaaaaalllllyyyyy like tomboyish girls. Like Buttercup for example, from Power Puff Girls (Z). Musa's outfits are also cool. Her Winx-Lovix transformations are all one-shoulder-strapped. Her Harmonix has beautiful pastel pink and pastel purple colours... I just LOVE purple, especially if it's light or pastel. And her hair matches her outfit; dark hair (blue) is really perfect on purple, green, or pink outfits! Her hair in Harmonix is also cool. It's tied closer to the edge than the other Winx girls, which (I think) makes it longer. And she also has bangs of her hair! Her Sirenix is great! But when she was transforming for the first time, her hair was prettier when it was let down. And when she was transforming... Her moves were like dance moves!!!

My conclusion: Good Bye Aisha! Hello Musa! Your the star of my (new) show! (If I had one! :P)

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✺Vera✺ Fairy of the Universe!✺

❀Flora❀♪Musa♪ϟTecnaϟ Timefreeze ❀♪ϟTime Freeze!❀♪ϟ

♒Aisha♒❀Flora❀ 50px ♒Andros♒❀Linphea❀ ❀♒Convergence!♒❀

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Roxanna - Best Friend! - Talk to her!

Farhah - Best Friend! - Talk to here!

JanaLoveFlora - Best Friend! - Talk to her!

Rutchelle - Friend - Talk to her!

Riri Lolly - Friend - Talk to her!

Winxer11 - Friend - Talk to her!

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Likes and Dislikes
Sports This user loves playing sports and doing excercises.
Waves Surfer!
Magical water hug 4 This user has waves powers, like Aisha.
Likes and Dislikes
100px This user loves music.
Musa 1 This user admires Musa.
Pop Princess Power!
Melody of fairy 718 This user has music powers, like Musa.
Friendly This user is friendly and loves making friends.

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Advice text
Aurora - I give advice
TALK - What do you need? Contact me for help!
To give advice...,that's my thing my job!!! :P

NTA65bz - Wahoo!
TALK - Avatar Korra is staying with us!
Happy talkbox!!! ^_^ =D

Sad text
NTA65bz - I don't know Bloom... :(
TALK - I'm just a normal girl! I don't know how to use my powers!
Sad talkbox... :( :'(

Winx Club Tense
Huh? - What was that???
TALK - The Wizards turned the Fairy Pets into mutants!!!
Used in enigmatic and tense moments... '~'

Surprised text
NTA65bz - Gah!
TALK - What is that???
Used when I'm surprised or scared-surprised...

Text text
Najmah - Hey there! My name's Najmah!
TALK - Some people call me Nabeela, though!
My normal talkbox.

Text2 text
Nabeela - Some people call me Najmah, though!
TALK - That's just how life is, Roxy...!
My other normal talkbox.

A text image
Najmah - Nabeela
TALK - Pick one to call me! (They call me Najmah more often! :P)
Normal talkbox 3!

A text image 2
Hey there! - I'm Najmah!
TALK - Some people call me Nabeela though... Wanna chat???
Talkbox 4!

Explain text
NTA65bz - Ummm... Actually...
TALK - Let me explain first!
Used to explain things. (This is not a mad talkbox, so don't be scared!!!

Ikki - You dare ignore me???
TALK - Feel this windy wrath!!!
When I'm mad, watch out!

Enraged Eska
That's IT! - I've had the last straw with you!
TALK - You will pay! Feel my WRATH!!!
When I've had enough of you, you're gonna pay!!!

Ikki - Huh? What?
TALK - What Exactly are you saying, here?
Used when I don't get things... :/

Bloom 1
Bloom! - Fairy of the Dragon's Flame!
TALK - Winx Bloomix!
Bloom fans' talkbox!

Flora 1
Flora! - Fairy of Nature!
TALK - Winx Bloomix!
Flora fans' talkbox!

Stella! - Fairy of the Shining Sun!
TALK - Winx Bloomix!
Stella fans' talkbox!

Musa 1
Musa! - Fairy of Music!
TALK - Winx Bloomix!
Musa fans' talkbox

Tecna! - Fairy of Technology!
TALK - Winx Bloomix!
Tecna's fans' talkbox!

Aisha 1
Aisha! - Fairy of Waves!
TALK - Winx Bloomix!
Aisha's fans' talkbox!

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Princess Aisha - Aisha's Outfits - Aisha's Spells

Princess Bloom  - Bloom's Outfits - Bloom's Spells

Flora - Flora's Outfits - Flora's Spells

Princess Stella - Stella's Outfits - Stella's Spells

Musa - Musa's Outfits - Musa's Spells

Tecna - Tecna's Outfits - Tecna's Spells


I don't like the baddies, but I do enjoy some of them!

Queen of Ice (Icy) - Icy's Spells

Queen of Darkness (Darcy)  - Darcy's Spells

Queen of Storms (Stormy)Stormy's Spells

Mutant Triton (Tritannus)


Winx Believix! - Winx Sophix! (not really... but it's cool!) - Winx Lovix! - Winx Harmonix! - Winx Sirenix!


Magic Winx Convergence! (Check it out!!!)

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