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About Me

My name is Kica. I was a fan of many animes, but my favorite cartoon was the Winx Club .

I first discovered the Winx Club late in elementary school through a 4Kids activity magazine. Several months later, I ran into the Winx Club section of the 4Kids website. After seeing that, I decided that W.I.T.C.H. was much better than Winx Club and that Winx Club was copied off of it.

A few years later in June 2010, I originally woke up early to see a Bakugan and a Yugioh 5Ds episode, but came across Episode 10 of the third season of the Winx Club. Upon actually seeing an episode of the series, I dubbed it a favorite and continued to watch the 4Kids re-runs of the show during the summer of 2010, and later rewatched the first and second seasons.

During the autumn of the same year, I watched Season 4 on Youtube by BanjoGate. Later in November, I gradually became more connected to the online world and started to watch more anime (Tokyo Mew Mew) after hearing a suggestion from another Winx Club fan.

I'm currently a huge fan of J-Pop, and take an interest in reading fanfictions. Although I stopped watching anime in summer 2011, it doesn't stop me from occasionally re-watching an episode or two, or getting convinced to watch one new episode of a new anime (Soul Eater). Although I don't watch Winx Club anymore, I still adore the show very much. I also currently own a blog, and more of my accounts are listed on my youtube account. I owe everything I do now to the Winx Club. Without it, I wouldn't have made great online friends, became a fan of anime, or even discover J-Pop.

On August 27, 2012, I watched the premire episode of Season 5 on the Winx-Fairies blog. After that, I have not watched any episode of the series since the fifth episode.

Kica - Zero Winx
TALK - Enchantix!
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Favorite Fairies

  1. Musa
  2. Tecna
  3. Stella

Favorite Minor Fairies

  1. Mirta
  2. Galatea

Favorite Antagonists

Favorite Specialists

Favorite Transformations

  1. Enchantix
  2. Winx

Favorite Transformation Accessories

  1. Fairy Dust
  2. Sophix/Lovix

Favorite Seasons

  1. Season 3
  2. Season 2

Favorite Episodes

  1. Winx Club - Episode 310
  2. Winx Club - Episode 322
  3. Winx Club - Episode 215
  4. Winx Club - Episode 313

Favorite Songs

  1. We Are the Winx
  2. Spotlight
  3. Fly


  • The Enchantix transformation is what convinced me to be a Winx fan.
  • 4Kids is my favorite Winx dub.
  • I prefer "Layla" over "Aisha"
  • Bloom is my least favorite character, and Harmonix is my least favorite Transformation. 
  • Naruto is the first anime I ever watched, when I was around 5 or 6 years old.