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About Me

Hello! I'm Sarah. I live in the Maldives in the indian ocean, to be direct. I'm 0 years old. Now, I mentioned I'm Sarah? But you can also call me Princess Lion,Flora,Hina

ta,Anais,Marcy,LSP,Mira,Hotaru! All my fav characters from cartoons :) I(like most people in maldives) had tan-brown skin. My eyes are brown and my hair is maroon, but you can only see that when it's hit my sunlight :(. I enjoy singing,writing, and I'm a great drawer :D I also know some songs to play on the piano. I'm a fan of Katy Perry too. Anyways, I'm kind and helpful, and i always give chances! I also am very intelligent, and Ok, I admit, annoying (Well, sometimes!). These days, you can find me chatting with my friends and fixing up the pages grammer.... I'm a grammer freak I know >_< But don't get the wrong idea, I don't like english too much... I'm a terrible speller at some words, but I also correct spellings...It's about all I do on this wikia. Oh whatever, leave this englishy subject! 

You might think me weird, i admit it, I am weird. Did I mention I'm a anime fan? By far, I've loved Naruto,Dbz,SM,Natsume Youjinchou, K-On!, fairy tail and One piece. I've also watched Bleach, but it isnt very good. These days, I'm onto Dbz and SM, need to finish SM and movies of DBZ...

I also enjoy collecting stickers, and perhaps, you can call me a book collecter? 

I always had a love for cartoons, scince I was very little. Back than, Winx S1 and S2 aired on Cartoon Network(Rai) and Boomerange (4Kids). Obviously, I went after Bloom, but when me and my cousins "act" Winx Club, I got stuck with Flora/Aisha (Well, We never knew Aisha's name so we just called her the dhivehi word meaning "Dark") . 

Lately, around 6, I began to watch Naruto, and I watched up to Konoha History Arc from age 6.Then, at me around age 8, My sister got the rest of the episodes,and I was totally hooked. Then, I began to watch One Piece, but I just watched random episodes. After a few months, I got hooked on Fairy Tail, and watched up to above ep 120. My next on the list was Bleach, and it got boooring after a few 10 episodes. Then, I became hooked on DB. I watched the entire series, and it was so awesome.

Then, Adventure time and Gumball began to air. I used to hate Adventure time, and never cared about Gumball, so god knws how I became such a huge fan of both cartoons.

One of my childhood faves include Teen Titans, Chowder and Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Recently, I'm watching Teen Titans Go! and Steven Universe.

I've finished DBZ and I have no intention of watching DBGT, scince Goten and Trunks are grown up, I really hate to see them that way. But I'm just re-watching the episodes and movies of it for old times sake.

History with Winx :P

I watched 4Kids dub when I was very small, mayby 3 or 4 years? I was too young to care
Flora sig
about the voices. My favourite fairy was Bloom at that time, but i also liked Flora. I also mistake many things back then, Like pronouncing Musa's name "Mosa" or thinking Flora's power was coins. Lately, I watched Winx club a bit. When I was about 7 or 8, The nickelodeon re-do of season 3 had aired, and I became a huge fan of Winx because I could understand what happens better. Then, when Nick's do of season 4 had aired, I tried to watch it, but I had no time :( I used youtube to watched the Rai ver of Winx. I re-watched Winx club in Rai ver because I really liked RAI. Season 5 beggining had me excited, but when it went 3D it was terrible >_< I hope season 6 will be better, 3D or not!

My Opinions

  1. Flora - My favourite Winx girl :) She's really great, and I have a few similarities with her. Firstly, I have tan skin like her, I love nature Like her!
  2. Roxy - Great, is not she? She's an animal lover like me :)

More coming soon...


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Signatures and talkboxes


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My talkboxes are my beloved when I'm in the mood :) SO DONT EVEN think about using these!!! Dont even use my talkbox pics! They are all belong to me... See the name "SARAH hyder" or "Princess Moonlight" or "PM" on pics, dont use them! That means they belong to me! View Template:Sarah for my talkboxes ^_^

Favourite Singers/bands/Songs


  2. Little Mix (band)(Leigh-Anne is my fav)
  3. Selena Gomez
  4. Taylor Swift
  5. Demi lovato


Katy Perry - Hot N Cold

Katy Perry - Hot N Cold

  1. Little Mix - Change Your Life

    Little Mix - Change Your Life


  1. Hot n Cold
  2. Change your life
  3. DNA
  4. How ya Doin
  5. Move
  6. Wings
  7. Little me
  8. Teenage Dream
  9. Part of Me
  10. Teenage Dream
  11. Wide Awake
  12. Roar
  13. Fireworks
  14. E.T
  15. Uncondiotanally
  16. Dark Horse
  17. Neon Lights
  18. HeartAttack
  19. Trouble
  20. Slow down
  21. Come and Get it
  22. Monster
  23. Shut up and Drive
  24. Domino
  25. Prince Tag
  26. Double Rainbow
  27. Walking on the air




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== == By far, Winx has 4Kids,Nick and RAI. I'll just tell how I think they voice.


  1. Bloom - Bloom Rai's are awesome. Helena and Angela did a great job voicing Bloom. Personaly, I think Angela was the perfect one for her. Both her Rai Va's provided Bloom with a voice that told us she was loyal, worthy of a leader, kind, brave. As long As I watch RAI, Bloom can never be hated!
  2. Stella - Personaly, I think Stella has the neutral VA in RAI. It's too grown up, but not girly at all. Despite that, Jennifer has voiced Stella quite well, scince Stella is the oldest Winx.
  3. Flora - Holly and Stephani  voiced Flora beautifully, It was sweet and shy. RAI did a great dub with Flora's voice.I think holly's better than Stephani though. Holly's voice sounds...Holly...
  4. Musa - Musa's voice is nice, but a bit girlyish. But it's same as Romi's voice, Romi has a tomboy one, while Her both VA's musical ones. I think Anik Matern has the best voice for Musa.
  5. Tecna - Tecna's voice is good, has no emoticon, but is not exactly sounding smart. Her voice however fits her quite well.
  6. Aisha - Mmm...Layla sounds fine. Her voice is too girly though, but it is sweet...
  7. Roxy - Roxy has a great voicer. It shows how kind but scared Roxy can be, and honestly, it fits her quite well.  


Honestly, I never watch 4Kids. But all their voices sound same =.= And I can't stand Aisha or Tecna's annoying voices :(

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