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Hi I'm Princessfairyflora for those that don't know, I love winx club and am always ready to help with edits. I am the owner and leader of Fairy Rescue Section, Co-leader of project scripts and a rollback on this wiki. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions. Happy editing and have a great day ^^.

My friends.

Friends make the world go around so i'm going to list the names of all the friends i have here because they are truly amazing :).If i have missed your name or you want to be my friend just message me ;).

FlamePhoenix- My first friend on the wiki <3 i knew him a few months i believe before he became admin i have to say he deserved that title he is a great user/editor and a wonderful friend.

RoseXinh- A wonderful friend and admin.She is amazing and very hard working she can be strict but that is what this wiki needs sometimes but once you get to know her she is one of the most caring people you have probably known :).

Iamnoone- Everyone has that one funny yet loving friend and Mason is mine he is a great editor and a super sweet person he happens to be one of the reasons i decided to stay on winx wiki as long as possible.

BelievixinStella- Aka Brit! She is super sweet, smart and a really good editor,(She has been my friend for a while actuallty, but I am lazy with editing my profile.) She is a really good person to talk to and a great admin.

Sorreltail18- A wise and amazing editor on this wiki, Sorrel is a kind and helpful user. She is the leader of project scripts and co-leader of my Fairy Rescue Section.

My Talboxes:


Hey!- This talkbox is mostly used when I am discussing things in the seasons, talking with close friends or if I am talking about the Fairy Rescue Section.


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Princessfairyflora - Oh My!
Oh no!- This talkbox is used when I have heard or am reporting bad/sad news or when I am just very sad.


Princessfairyflora - WHAT?
How dare you!-This talkbox is used when someone has vandalized, used bad language, or spams wiki with bad edits.


Princessfairyflora - Hello Everyone!
Hello there- This talkbox is used when I am talking to a new user.

My signatures: (If you would like to make me a signature I would appreciate it ^^)


Ouja yousei Flora Fairy of Life!FloraFeatured

Kalia Mermaid

Kalia the mermaid of nature.

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Flora of winx club by hazmanot azarim-d4zh55f
Flora season 6
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