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Princess Madison Winx

My fairy!

About me

I'm CeriseKitty3030, and I love Wiki!

I LOVE Winx Club! I even created a character that is completely fanfiction.

My favorite characters

  • Roxy
  • Flora
  • Coco

My friends

  • Shaira Sultana
  • CherryBerry1456
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I enjoy swimming, playing with pets, and drawing!

Madison's story

You probably saw my fairy up on top of my user page, so here's what her story is (just in case you can't see her info, here it is):

Name: Princess Madison

Status: Fairy

Planet: Romancia

Power: Infinitive Love and Romance (has more power than Ahisa)

Hair: Long, wavy magenta

Eyes: Violet

Favorite Color: Magenta

Transformation Colors: Magenta, violet, pink (image has error: purple should be pink)

Birthday: February 14

Age: 16

Friends: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, Aisha, Roxy

Best Friend: Roxy

Transformation level: Romantix (it is the most powerful transformation of all levels, and is only earned when a fairy has completely found what true love is. It's not as easy as it seems.)

Family: King Maximus and Queen Hildegard (parents)

Enemies: All, but mainly the Wizards of the Black Circle

Likes: Swimming, reading, playing with animals, helping others, feeling happy and/or romantic, chocolate, art, and anything romantic

Strengths: (very x30 for each) romantic, beautiful, kind, smart, helpful, charming, powerful, courageous, and brave

Boyfriend: Prince Henry of Magix

Spells: Power of Love, Cupid's Arrow, Magic of Romance, Love Barrier, Romantic Ring, True Love, Magic Kiss, Supreme Love, Romantic Radiance, Cupid's Song, Heart of Magic, Burst of Love, Love Crystal, Infinitive Love and Romance (special Romantix spell)

Bonds: Rosanna (pixie), Romance (fairy pet), Valentine (selkie)

Titles: Crown Princess of Romancia, THE fairy of Infinitive Love and Romance, THE most powerful magic user that has or ever will exist

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