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I am really a huge fan of the Winx Club when it first aired in June 19, 2014 the first episode from Season 1 from 4Kids. When I get older, I will never ever miss the WInx Club not even one bit. I will be a future coder one day and have strong ability and pretty much Nickelodeon USA did a good job much better than Season 3 opening from 4Kids.




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Special effects in Jurassic park (film) is Stan Winston.












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LoliWinx (http://www.dailymotion.com/user/loliwinx/1)

ShadowFairy (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2z9qja_winx-club-7x08-back-in-the-middle-ages-english_tv)  

Season 7 plan to show in America NickJr!





http://www.antoniosantamaria.com/winx-club-storyboard-panels-season-6/ (Story board for S6)  

http://www.unadinoi-winx.com/storyboard-and-poster-from-world-of-winx/ (Winx Club: WOW Storyboard)  

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I pretty much love trying out new features and they end up useful/helpful/dumb/useless which will be a future one. The most current ones I love thinking about is a School Quiz/Exams Application which means you can take it automatically on it rather than using a pencil which will break many times throughout quiz/exams. 

My Favorite Winx Club Transformation

  • Sirenix - I feel like it has the coolest features and pretty much awesome transformation/accessories toward it
  • Bloomix - I just love Bloom's Bloomix Transformation it feel like the roalty toward her past Bloomix's Ancesntress. 
  • Enchantix - Just love the looks of it and pretty much cool-colored wings so much.
  • Harmonix - Another prom dress and has awesome & beautiful wings.

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Note: All of these are related to Winx Club website/blog and there schedule page/listing.

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  • All Voice Cast fully completed with the characters 
  • All Scripts created (each Season)
  • Watch the Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss somewhere on Youtube.com (Hopefully)


English:Exclusive Interview with Serena Allegrucci (actress of the musical show Icy) from WinxClubRus! Most recently, we interviewed the charming Aisha, today came the closest to meet with one tricky but very kind and sweet in life Icy! We asked her a few questions: 1. You can Do you tell something about yourself and your career? Serena:I started very early to have a passionate love for music. At first I learned to play the piano, the Guitar and i begun quite soon to write my own songs. Then i just had to stop a bit because of the University. I studied very hard and had my 2 degrees in languages/litterature and artistic translation. I was very proud but I've never forget my real ambition. And so I decide to leap. I attended an important musical theater Academy in Rome where i learned to Act sing and dance, and my path became Pretty clear. I was very lucky because i had a lot of people to count on and Who believed in me. And now I'm really happy. It's been 3 years that I'm working in theaters all around Italy with different musicals and plays. And I'm Also teaching music and singing to children, here in Rome. So.. What else can i ask for? 2. Have you ever heard of the Winx Club? Serena:Actually here in Italy These Fairies are really really known and I heard a lot about them but i was never to keen on. Then I had to get used to (just kiddin) 3.Do you like to play the role of Icy? Serena: I love my role. ICY seems to be just a BAD girls Who wants everything for Her but it is a real beautiful character to play. ICY is very important for the show because she brings action with Her and she really had a Great power. And to be honest, heaven couldn't mean so much without hell. I've always loved villans in movies and cartoon, so i bet my dream's come true. 4.What do you think about the team Trix? Serena:The team Trix is a Great team. They have Great power together and even if it doesn't seen, They are Great friends. Everything's GREAT for the Trix. Together They try to win against the Winx but They can't do it just because there are three of us versus SIX. How can They handle it? (Ahahah) so, think about how powerful are These 3 witches. 5.Who are your friends in the scene? Serena: it could seem untrue but we are big friends with the girls. The girls that play the Winx are really really nice and we love each other so much. I'm not lying. We becames friends all of a sudden and at first and it's becoming a beautiful friendship with them all. We've been so lucky. It could get definitively worse! ( ahahahaha ) 6.What part of the show do you like best? Serena:Not to be self centered but I think that the most amazing part of the show is the first Act ending. The Trix are going to cast a spell on the Winx with a really strong song and for this there is a Great Fight on the stage but the Winx Can't do anything without They powers so we can Barely recognize them, and the Trix are going to win, and ICY Bring Her course floathig through the air, singing. Amazing! But to discover how it ends you need to wait Act two. I Can't reveal Every detail, can I? (Laughing) 7.Did you round the world tour with a musical show? 7.I DO would like to go around the world with this musical. It would be One of the greatest expiriences that are Waiting for me on my life. Who wouldn't be visiting many countries all over the world and Act, sing, dance in the most beautiful theaters in the planet and have fun with people and fans at the same time? You can say it loud. That's it. Thank you for asking me to do it. It's so amazing to have the chance to speak about it. Thank you so much. A special Kisses for the russian fans! We love you!  Follow me on Facebook on the artist page Serena Allegrucci, on Twitter and instagram! I'll be glad if you want to.

Season 6 Part Two (All Italian)

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