• I live in The Internet
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is Being A Frozer and Lover
  • I am Your Worst Nightmare
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[[File:Banner.jpg|center|670 px|link=]]
|Box title = Stellamusa101 on Fanpop
|Image file = Stellamusa-use-only-ftfo.jpg
|Image size = 200
|Row 1 title = Origin
|Row 1 info = Melody <small>(moved to Solaria)</small>
|Row 2 title = Age
|Row 2 info = Shhh... It's a secret >:-)
|Row 3 title = Favorite TV Show(s)
|Row 3 info = Avatar: The Last Airbender and [ Once Upon A Time].
|Row 4 title = Favorite Movie
|Row 4 info = Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters <br /> Winx Club movies <br /> The Last Airbender <small>(a bit)</small>
|Row 4 title = Favorite Winx
|Row 4 info = [[Stella]] <small>(so stylish!)</small> <br /> [[Musa]]<small> (so musical!)</small><br />
|Row 5 title = Least Favorite Winx
|Row 5 info = [[Bloom]] <small> (Mary-Sue)</small> <br /> [[Flora]] <small>(crazy about nature)</small><br />
|Row 6 title = Favorite Color
|Row 6 info = All colours except for the annoying pink
|Row 7 title = Likes
|Row 7 info = Music, technology, nature, animals.
|Row 8 title = Dislikes
|Row 8 info = Bullying, Users vandalizing wiki's, Clowns, Pink flowers.
{{Header|My personality}}
I think I'm a sweet girl who's really strict.
Hi! I'm Stellamusa101 (please call me Stellamusa) from [ an awesome website]! And as you know…I am a medalist on Fanpop! Well, formerly. But I still registered after getting suspended 13 times!
==My Friends (on Wikia!)==
Well, lots of users here don't add me to their friend list, but I added them. ;D This list is in order, I think.
* [[User:NTA65bz|Najmah]] - rated AWESOME BEST friend because she's a biased Victoria fan TOO!
* [[User:RoseForever|Rutchelle]] - rated best friend
* [[User:BelievixinStella|Brittney]] - rated close friend
* [[User:JanaLoveFlora|Jana]] - rated good friend
* [[User:RoseXinh|Rose]] - rated good friend
* [[User:Queen Luna|Luna]] - rated trustable friend
* [[User:DaniellaTheDirisShipper|Daniella]] - rated nice friend
==My Foes==
''This isn't a foe list, just a list of people who I dislike and people who dislike me back!''
===My Top Five Characters===
#[[Stella]] - She's so stylish and always tries to cheer up her friends!
#[[Musa]] - She's the fairy of music. I love music!
#[[Darcy]] - She's manipulative!
#[[Stormy]] - I love her powers and attitude!
#[[Mirta]] - She's goth but doesn't act like one!
====My Least Favorite Characters===
#[[Flora]] - She's too crazy about nature! :P
#[[Mitzi]] - She tried to break-up Stella and Brandon!
#[[Darkar|Lord Darkar]] - He's too lazy!
#[[Icy]] - And she's a jerk in [[Season 5|season 5]]! She's lovey dovey with [[Tritannus]]!
==My talkboxes==
{{Stellamusa101|text=My normal talkbox..when I'm not happy, angry, sad. Just...normal, not mental. XD}}
{{Stellamusa101|happy=My happiest mode!}}
{{Stellamusa101|angry=Watch hottest mode! >_<}}
{{Stellamusa101|sad=When I'm sad..only! :'(}}
{{Stellamusa101|manipulate=You have to beware when I'm using this talkbox…! >;-D}}
{{Stellamusa101|laugh=Used when there's something funny!}}
[[User:Stellamusa101|<span style="color:darkorchid">♥'''Stellamusa101'''</span>]] - [[User talk:Stellamusa101|<span style="color:#9932cc">'''F'''</span>'''<span style="color:#993bcc">r</span><span style="color:#9944cc">e</span><span style="color:#9952cc">a</span><span style="color:#996acc">k</span> <span sytle="color:#997ccc">t</span><span style="color:#9972cc">h</span><span style="color:#9987cc">e</span> <span style="color:#9993cc">F</span><span style="color:#999ccc">r</span><span style="color:#99b4cc">e</span><span style="color:#99becc">a</span><span style="color:#99cccc">k</span> <span style="color:#99e4cc">O</span><span style="color:#99eacc">u</span><span style="color:#99ffcc">t</span>''']]
==Awesome photos!==
[[File:WinxMagic.png|thumb|400 px|center|I love magic! I love Winx Club!! <3]]
[[File:Stellafashion.jpg|thumb|400 px|center|I'm a fashion designer!]]
[[File:Azula.jpg|thumb|center|400 px|Azula!]]
[[File:Zuzu.jpg|thumb|center|400 px|LOL! This is so hilarious! "Like it Avatar, you better let me join your group or I will do something unspeakably horrible to you and your friends. Your choice!" ]]
[[File:StellamusaRefuse.jpg|400 px|thumb|center|SokkLa!!]]
[[File:Wiki-background.jpeg|400 px|thumb|center|Beautiful!]]
[[File:Stellamusa101-angry.jpg|400 px|thumb|center|Angry Katara]]
[[File:Stellamusa101-lol.jpg|400 px|thumb|center|LOL]]
[[User:Stellamusa101/Gallery|more →]]
*'''Birthday:''' May 23
*'''Favorite Food:''' Burgers and cake
*'''Favorite Color:''' Black, red, green
*'''Favorite Pet:''' Hmm, wolves..and cats.
*'''Favorite Movie:''' ''Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters'' and ''The Host''
*'''Favorite Television Show:''' ''Once Upon a Time'' and ''Victorious''
*'''Favorite Music:''' All except classical.
*'''Loves:''' The Internet, Scoence, Math, my friends and family
*'''Hates:''' Doing nothing
*'''Fears:''' Bees, spiders and snakes. Oh, and god!
*'''Favorite Subject:''' Math, Science, English.

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