aka Aaron James Hansen

  • I live in Utah, USA
  • I was born on May 10
  • I am Male
Bloom Bloomix

About me

I have austism, which is a mental disability. But I have better control of it. And I'm also a kind and creative young man. I give good words of advice and wisdom to help people with their problems. I am a good researcher. I even help out others and including those in need. I love Anime and Cartoons and Movies too.

My favorite characters

  • Favorite character #1 Bloom
  • Favorite character #2 Stella
  • Favorite character #3 Flora

My friends

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My hobbies are reading, computers, exercise, video games, hangout with family and friends, and have fun for myself. And not to mention  research. Help out those in need. Learn from different cultures around the world. And I do watch Anime and Cartoons myself.

My talents are Reading, Singing, Dancing, Art, Martial Arts, Organizing, and Creative. Being Smart and a good helper. Cook. Be Supportive.

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