aka Halcyon, the god of ravens and crows

  • My occupation is The god of ravens and crows and flight
  • I am Secret (And why should you know?)

List of Themis' Spells

Nymph of Magix

  • Phoenix Raptor:Themis summons five fireballs that shifts into firebirds that incinerates and damage targets.
  • Telepathic Call:Themis sends violet waves from her head that telepathically searches the target and she can telepathically communicate with him/her.
  • Fire Supernovae:She summons fire in her hands that when slammed to the ground the earth shakes and fire is rising from the land burning targets.
  • Telekinetic Power:she covers objects around them that when Themis raises her hands those objects rise and explodes into crumbs.
  • Defense of Themis: Themis covers a wide area of herself to others with a dark purple barrier which is invulnerable beyond offensive and defensive abilities of others.
  • Psionic Blast: Themis summons a ball of energy from her mind that made her targets unconscious through the ball's psychic effects.
  • Healing Wave: She summons a wave of healing energy that heals her targets leaving them conscious, healed or revived.
  • Elemental Catastrophe: She creates a twister in her hands then throws it in the air then a twister comes out of the sky, it may appear a water sprout in water, a vortex of flames, a powerful tornado, or a twister of earth rocks. This spell varies in the place the twister is thrown.
  • Phoenix Flame: As the host of the Phoenix Bird, Themis shouts "Phoenix Power!" then she rises up in the air with a phoenix aura in her back then multiple fireballs are being hurled at the enemies.
    • Resurrectum: A spell of Themis in which she can resurrect a dead person or animal or plant. 
  • Star Shower: She shoots a beam of stars that can throw someone into another dimension.
  • Nature's Despair: Themis creates and summons vines from the ground to trap the enemies.
  • Rage of the Wind: She raises her hands up then a rush of wind is hurled at the target and they are blown hundred foots away.
  • Psychic Storm: Themis summons a spiral of psychic energy from her head and it surges away from her head and everything that comes in contact is blown away, dissipated or killed.
  • Unnamed energy beam spell: She can channel energy to project beams of energy that can either kill or burn the flesh.
  • Mental Dome: She creates a dome of energy to deflect energy attacks.
  • Thunder Power: She summons rapid lightning blasts from the sky to electrocute her targets.
  • Arctic Vortex: she projects a beam of ice then wherever the energy is contacted, it creates an ice vortex.
  • Magma Sphere: Themis projects a volatile flame ball to attack enemy.
  • Gravishum: Themis can levitate nearby objects or to slow down the velocity of an incoming object.
  • Oblivion Wave: She summons gentle pink waves that makes someone asleep for a period of time.  
  • Aqua Storm: Themis creates a light blue silhouette water dragon to attack the enemy.
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