Thomas Astruc is simply the worst as he hates Winx Club and its fans. So please stop supporting him or his dumb baby shows. Thanks. And the official Wikipedia is not safe for children at all! It's full of swearing, sex, nudity, innuendos and last but not least fascists in administrator positions!

My favorite fanart

Being a Winx fan, I naturally look up fanart. One of my favorites is from the very talented artist "Fantazyme", who drew this Flora for a contest on the old Winx website, which she had also won. Unfortunately, that post along with everything else from the old Winx website is long gone, so you'll have to take my word for it.  Anyway, here is the picture that was drawn in 2009 by Fantazyme, found on deviantart by user "bagerss".

Spring flora mediam boobs by bagerss-d3gv0vf


I have also found another cute fanart, this time starring Helia and Flora, made by Chris Wolf on deviantart.

Helia and flora by chriswollf-d960wse

About me

My favorite fairy is Flora because she is a wonderful person. She is not only stunningly beautiful but also very cute, polite, caring, loveable, gorgeous, calm, amazing, charming, fashionable, powerful, gentle, sexy, pure, awesome.

She also loves animals and plants just like me. I love her so much!

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