aka Annie

  • I live in On Asgard
  • I was born on September 21
  • My occupation is Thor's Lost Daughter
  • I am Girl

Hello! I live I Pennsylvania and I LOVE Winx Club! I go to Boarding School and enjoy it so much. I love art especially pottery, painting, and graphic design which I have been doing for years. Any tips, help, etc would be AMAZING! I also LOVE making friends. Feel free to post a message on my talk page.

About Me

My name is Annie and I live in Pennsylvania. My birthday is September 21 and I have a little sister who is my best friend. I love Winx Club SO much and I am addicted to it. I also love fantasy and post-apocalyptic books like

-The Hunger Games

-City of Bones

-Harry Potter

-I Am Number Four

-The Giver

I go to an all girls boarding school and I LOVE it! We have a lot of freedom here so whenever I can I'm on. You will probably find me online every day from 7-9 pm. My room mate is also amazing and she likes Winx so we lock the door a lot and squeal about Winx. I enjoy technology and science. I have big dreams for myself and always strive to achieve them! 

My Addictions

-Winx Club


-Doctor Who

Winx Stuff

My Ranking of Winx Club

1. Bloom

2. Aisha

3. Flora


5. Tecna

6. Musa


  • Join Project Episodes (COMPLETED OCTOBER 19, 2013!!! THANK YOU WINXFAN1)
  • Get to 150 edits by December 31, 2013 (COMPLETED OCTOBER 27, 2013!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT)
  • Become the Co-Leader of Project Episodes by December 31, 2013 (COMPLETED DECEMBER 16, 2013!! THANK YOU ROSEXINH)


  • Expand synopsis for Season 3 episodes
  • Expand synopsis for Season 1 episodes
  • Expand synopsis for Season 2 episodes
  • Check the grading on episodes

My Friends





My Talkboxes, Signatures, and Userboxes

Winxlover12 - Kind and Friendly User
TALK - Hello! How are you?
My normal talkbox! Used to introduce myself, say hello, or just chat

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Winxlover12 - Kind and Friendly User
TALK - Can you help me? I have a question
Used when I need help, am curious about something, or need to ask a question

Sad Roxy RoseXinh
Winxlover12 - Kind and Friendly User
TALK - Today was not a good day
My sad talkbox. I use it when I am not feeling well or have bad news

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