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Hi, my name is Marianne and for those who would like to know, I live in Canada in the French province of Quebec. Obviously, my first language is French but I also speak English, as you could have noticed. I'd say I am a huge fan of Winx Club. I actually have been for so many years but only accepted to show it without caring what people might think only a few ago. I've watched every season, movie and special, starting with 4kids, Nickelodeon and now Rai. I also started collectioning the Winx dolls about a year or two ago when I saw a Musa Belivix doll in a Toysrus. At first I thought I was dreaming, but now everytime I see them I almost don't dare to touch them.

My favourite couple is Musa and Riven, which are also my favorite characters. So, you'd understand everytime someone edits any page concerning them I can't help but go and see what changes were made, just be sure the information is correct. In fact, this goes for those pages and those I create. I'd almost say they are like my babies. Whenever someone touches them I'm almost panicking at the idea a wrong edit might have been made and have to check immediately. Maybe you understand that or feel like that too, or mybe you don't. But that's fine and I accept that side of me.

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