ZaltoraWizard is a very powerful wizard and a graduate of Zaltora. He is the most powerful wizard at Zaltora. He is the current Guardian of Zaltora and the Keeper of the Ultimate Power of Relix.


ZaltoraWizard is an introverted and quiet, reserved person. He is a loner and prefers to be alone but enjoys the company of a small group of his friends and even other people sometimes. He is protective and loyal to his friends. He is also fiercely loyal, protective and dedicated to other wizards, witches and sometimes fairies. He loves to read and learn, to an extent, especially about magic and spells. He is lazy and hates doing hard work. He is stubborn and doesn't give up so easily when it's important to him. He can be impulsive and even a little reckless at times. He knows a lot of spells, and is the most talented with magic, spells, and mind magic than any other student at Zaltora. He has shown to side with witches more than fairies as he finds fairies to be annoying, fashion-loving, vain goody-goodies, but is able to become friends with them. He is lazy and doesn't like to do hard work without using his powers. He doesn't like being told what to do and breaks rules whenever he wants. He enjoys having fun with his powers. He also has a dark side and should not be underestimated or trifled with. He enjoys using his magic for personal gain and selfish purposes. He has no qualms with using his powers on other people to cause harm or mayhem, to an extent, especially to get revenge or retribution.


Andrew has short black hair, brown eyes, and glasses. He usually wears simple clothes such as a t-shirt, pants and sneakers. He prefers to wear dark clothes such as black. Occasionally, he wears a jacket or hoodie.

While attending Zaltora, he wears the traditional uniform; a dark yellow hood and long cape, a metal crown with blue jewels in the center, blue-gray long sleeves with a white X-mark in the middle, blue gloves with white lines at the base, a blue-gray metal belt, a gray skirt, and blue-gray pants and boots with yellow rings on their ankles.

His traditional wizard form usually consists of a black tunic, a long black cloak or cape, a black metal crown with a purple jewels in the center, and black boots.

He wears a t-shirt and pajama pants, sweatpants or shorts, and sometimes a sweatshirt to sleep.

Magical Abilities

Andrew may know some basic, first-level spells that all wizards can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, fixing minor messes. He possesses total control over mind magic and darkness. Like all wizards, he is able to fly. He is the one of the most powerful wizards at Zaltora. He is immune to the Psychic Arts, meaning any form of mind magic has no effect on him at all. He can spy on anyone he wants. He also has the power to read people's minds and communicate with others non-verbally. He has psychic visions of certain things such as danger and etc. He can see into the future and see events in the past. He is able to also see the history of objects just by being around them. This power gets stronger when he is physically touching the object. He was blessed with the powers of the goddess Hecate by Hecate herself. His magic color is black, sometimes dark purple.

He also has control over the elements, and can manipulate them at his will. He is especially skilled at controlling air. He possesses the ability to create gusts of wind that ranges from gentle breezes to violent winds, create tornadoes and cyclones, and. He has been shown to be able to generate lightning out of his hands, summon lightning from the sky, and control lightning.

He has to shown to be extremely skilled at teleportation, even more than other wizards, witches, and fairies. He is able to shapeshift into any living thing he wants. He can shoot beams and blasts of energy out of his hands. He can sense magic from miles away; the more powerful the magic is, the more he can sense it. He can also absorb the magic of spells and negate magic used by other wizards, witches and fairies.

Uses of Magic


  • He is polyamorous and has multiple husbands, fiancées, boyfriends, lovers and sexual partners.
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