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Guys, whoever reads this, I just went through a couple of articles. The grammar needs a lot of work, especially verb-related syntax.

Lavernius Tucker from Red vs Blue: "Look, people learn English all the time... It aren't that hard."

"Bloom got better." Wrong! "Bloom became better." Improvement is not a physical object, it is a state of being.

Advice: The dictionary will not bite you. Use it.

Conditions of Retraction:

These are the conditions that need to be fulfilled before I post a retraction. You think I'm being bossy by doing this? I'm not. I'm not paid by you to be your loyal servant or to advertise your site.

  • Improved behavior
  • Use of proper grammar within articles (Addendum: Must comply with Winx Wikia Standards.)
  • No slang, idioms and contractions in the articles
  • Better organisation within the articles
  • Uniformity, in terms of continuity and use of templates, between the articles
  • Addendum: Use footnote citations and properly format them. It will save you the trouble of saying, "This first appeared in episode..." or "...according to this episode..."

Also, don't expect this retraction to be written within a week or a month. You have a lot of time to improve.

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