• Anon3610

    What if the Wiki made an infobox template for realms and planets? It would list the ruler(s), council members, age, have a gallery link, etc. I feel like it would be beneficial to the Wiki, and dress up a plant/realm article rather than just leaving a thumbnail photo. I'll list examples below.

    I don't know how long it takes to create something like that, or how someone would go about doing it. I'd absolutely love to start on a project like this, but I feel like I'd to know more about coding on the Wiki. I have a basic understanding on codes and commands from personal life and from what I have had to learn here to make successful edits.

    Everybody started somewhere. If you're familiar with things like this, how'd you get your start here, and w…

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  • Anon3610

    I really don't believe Bloom gained the Vortex Flame from the test of the Vortex.

    Many argue that she gained the Vortex Fire and it mixed with her Dragon Fire for two reasons.

    1) She defeated the Fire Eaters, which requires the possession of the Vortex Flame, meaning that she must have it and it must have filled her empty space.

    2) Her weakness was healed, implying the Vortex Fire filled her empty space.

    I'm going to attempt to disprove these two theories below, as I believe the Vortex Fire didn't mix with her Dragon Fire.

    1: disprove) If you look closely, at the time she emerges from the Vortex destroying a Fire Eater and when the last Fire Eater is destroyed in the hall, she has a magic aura around her: which I believe is the Vortex Fire. Meani…

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  • Anon3610

    Edit Count

    May 14, 2017 by Anon3610

    My edit count went from 999 to 961. Is it normal for it to drop like that?

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