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Season 1:

  • Tinker Bell: villain of season 1.
  • Margot (VA: Samara Naeymi) - the harsh judge, owner of the dog Puff.
  • Silke (VA: Sarah Natochenny)
  • Smee (VA: Billy Bob Thompson)
  • Ace - Host
  • Evans (VA: Alyson L. Rosenfeld)
  • Naoki (Talent Kid)

Season 2:

  • Jim: villain of season 2.
  • Venomya (VA: Sarah Natochenny)
  • Sebastian - A character from the art museum

Production Information:
Transformation: S1 - Dreamix, S2 - Onyrix
Dubbing: DuArt (3Beep Production)
Premier: S1: November 4, 2016, S2: June 16, 2017


Winx Club is sent to search for talented kids around the world, but the mysterious thief steals them and powerful fairies will try to prevent it.

…In their new iteration, the Winx fairies visit Earth as scouts for a talent show called WOW! As they search across the globe for talented kids, they come across the Talent Thief - a mysterious villain who is capturing gifted children. The Winx must hide their fairy identities - often with hilarious consequences - to outfox the Talent Thief and find his secret lair.


The Winx will embark on an undercover journey all around the world looking for talented kids in art, sports, music and science. These kids have their own kind of magic, and the Winx Club fairies are enchanted by them though it doesn't take long before trouble sets in, and a new and dangerous mystery for Bloom and the others to solve.

As talent scouts for WOW!, a talent show, the Winx are on Earth and they are busy to find boys and girls around the world, with a natural talent and a dream to achieve (in different fields, like singing, dance, information technology, music, art and so on...).

This task is for them funny but hard as well, because when they move from one city to another, they have to be careful to hide their fairy identities in their most dangerous mission ever: catching the Talent Thief, a mysterious and powerful being that, for unknown reasons, has already kidnapped some talented guys. And it is going to do it again now.

The Winx have to act undercover finding and saving all the talents in danger... they will be in the middle of comical situations very often; investigating without drawing attention will bring the six girls to do so many different jobs (dog-sitters, journalists, waitresses, etc...) as long as they find the kidnapper's refuge: a mysterious and magical island.

This island is the mythical Neverland, ruled by a cruel queen, who once was a little fairy called Tinker Bell. Without her Peter Pan, grown-up and far away, the little fairy is grown-up as well now and is ready for her revenge, capturing the special guys of the whole world in order to create her own new court of Lost Boys.

Episode Titles: World of Winx Episode Titles

Season 1

  1. The Talent Thief
  2. New Powers
  3. The Legend of the Crocodile Man
  4. The Monster Under the City
  5. Stylist Wanted
  6. The Fashion Week
  7. The Chef Contest
  8. The Shaman
  9. Shattered Dreams
  10. Dangerous Waters
  11. Shadows on the Snow
  12. The Watchmaker
  13. The Fall of the Queen

Season 2

  1. Neverland
  2. Peter Pan's Son
  3. The Alligator Man
  4. Mermaids on Earth
  5. Fashion School Thrills
  6. The Girl in the Stars
  7. A Flower in the Snow
  8. Tiger Lily
  9. A Hero Will Come
  10. Technomagic Trap
  11. Jim's Revenge
  12. Old Friends and New Enemies
  13. Tinkerbell Is Back
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