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  • Curelove

    Official statement from  Romi Dames. "Sad news: @NickelodeonTV is not renewing Winx. Heartbroken. I loved this group so, so much. Thank you, Winx fans. You really are the best."


    The consequences are still unknown! But if i remember correctly,the contract with nick was for 2 seasons!

    Shocked !???

    I am not really that surprised!

    A few fans think that its because Nick was not promoting the show as it should! i mean they were awful with the airing of the show!! and clearly they still are with the airing of season 6 even if italy was the original country of the show, they should have done what Rai 2 is doing!Every episode a week.This is called marketing.

    The US  airing …

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  • Curelove

    Rainbow has got some serious projects for the winx club rainbow planned to do a live-action film with real actors........

    I'd just rather not have a live action film. Just no. They should stick to animation. Please. I know that kids aren't watching animated shows like they used to, but don't ruin a good show by making a live action film.

    see for yourself,a3778133.html

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  • Curelove

    We are all worried that our dear show the winx club fairies can be cancelled due to the low ratings and low merchandises being sold!!! And we all know that nick just cares for the profits that they made on the show even if the story does not make sense at all.

    Una di noi winx blog has suggest a way to prevent that the show to get cancel. We really need all the winx club fairies fans to stand by and make this campaign work!!!

    The following paragraphs is from una di noi winx blog:

    To make life easier, i pasted everthing here.

    Imporant infos:

    • where is Nick’s press office?
    • These are the addresses, but we need to decide if we should send the letters to one location.


    New York Office 1…

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  • Curelove


    This episode mainly tied up loose ends, but it was decent overall. After Bloom’s short adventure in Shark Eye Mountain — where she almost got crushed — the last nine minutes belonged to Stella, her parents’ drama, and her fashion show.

    But this was a different Stella than we’ve seen throughout this season. She showed a lot of maturity and humility by sharing her feelings with her parents and admitting her mistakes to Brandon. I think she redeemed herself. Do you? 

    Next episode: “Saving Paradise Bay.” Tritannus attacks a lush island for no reason, and the Winx must find a stone called The Breath of the Ocean to restore it. Ready for some bad news? We’ll have to wait two weeks (May 26) to see this. Nick is airing the movieCats & Dogs on May…

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  • Curelove

    Big disappointing finale for winx club! The least consolation is daphne is back in her body!

    • even s4 who was believed to be the worse had a gOOd ending and a great battle scence except for nabu death was the bad part of s4! but s5 no no no its even worse!
    • what was the purpose of the souvergn council
      they didnt even have the chance to battle against tritanus!
    •  nick will be disappointed because eveyone will see the finale of s5 and the rating will be even lower than it already was
    • season 5 is such a big disappointing season !its even worse than season 4!poor battle scene!First roxy is not a winx club fairy,then nabu is no where to be found! and on top of that such a poor ending for season 5 finale!please if something similar is what coming in sea…

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