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  • Flamephoenix

    I will be more active on the Winx Club Wiki from this year because I will have more free time from school from this year. I will fill the empty pages and sections and try to become more involved in editing and administrating the Wiki.

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  • Flamephoenix

    I need help to identify the references in the Hallowinx episode from Season 2 because I don't know enough about pop culture.

    Can the Wiki users help me identify who these characters are disguised as? I do not need generic answers as "a superhero" or "a skeleton," I need to know which specific character from another franchise the Mitzi's guests were disguised as.

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  • Flamephoenix

    Aphrodite Sweetheart asked me to translate Bloom: My Dream of Fashion. This is the translation of the whole novel.

    Bloom and the Winx Fairy Couture go on a trip to the most fashionable town in the world! Magic, friendship and an even more glamor look will accompany them on this adventure.

    Fashion Week is starting in New York but the Winx Fairy Couture notice that something is wrong: the collections are strangely monotone and none seem to stand out. Bloom understands that the mystery is not on the catwalk, but behind it. And she starts investigating with her friends.

    It was very warm in Gardenia that afternoon. The sun was shining its rays upon the window pane of the living room of the loft of the Winx, directly on the screen of the computer w…

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  • Flamephoenix


    • You can civilly disagree with but not attack another person's judgement or opinion.
    • This blog should not be used to attack another person verbally.
    • No one should be left out of the discussion.
    • No inappropriate language should be used, and no inappropriate images should be uploaded.
    • You may get off-topic to discuss other important information as long as it is kept to a minimum. 

    • Filming for Fate: The Winx Saga ended this week.
    • Fate will premiere in 2020.
    • It will be the first Winx Club live-action production. 
    • Bloom will be played by Abigail Cowen, who portrayed Dorcas in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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  • Flamephoenix

    The first trailer of the movie has been uploaded online.

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