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Winx Club - Encyclomagic.

Everything that you always wanted to know about the Winx.

This book is dedicated to all of you, fairies from Earth, because we know that magic enchants you as much as to us, the Winx.

Magic Dimensions

How All Started

Pages 6 and 7

[Scene: Magix map] Red Fountain; Cloud Tower;[1] Alfea; Magix - The city lives in a very special dimensional reality. Is the point of equilibrium between the magic energies that confluence in it, fast and unreachable like star streams.

Magix is in the exact point of intersection between the magic dimensions. In the universe a infinity of universes exist. The Earth is one of the smallest; apparently is as small as a diamond in a necklace. Around Earth shines thousands of dimensions, some of those magical.

History is a Magical Signature

Pages 8 and 9

According to old legends, the enchanted world of the magic dimensions had its origin in a spark of the Sacred Fire, a manifestation of the Great Dragon's magical energy. The breath of fire gave life to all known planets and filled every corner with light and heat.

The Great Dragon is not just a legendary and fascinating figure. Many eons* before it existed, all was governed by the black Nothingness, until, from the dark abysses of the mysterious universe, surged a magic resplendence: the flame of the Dragon. Began a happy, creative and fecund era. The Dragon elected as his last place for rest the planet Domino, that meet many years of prosperity, peace and happiness. One day the dark forces extinguished the flame of the Sacred Fire. The planet dried, and all of the Magic Dimension lost its innocence. Since then, the light and darkness fight in an incessant game of power.

*Eons: each of the large periods that divide the history of Earth.

Entrance Door

Pages 10 and 11

Magix - constitutes a magic equilibrium of forces and has a great strategic importance, as it represents a point of meeting between all magic energies. To get in its special dimension, one must have to be a bit magical. Magix is a city were everything is possible: the important is to access it. You must be wondering how to accomplish it. Then you will see, I will tell you what you must do: unite all your energies, safe that they are a bit magical! Close your eyes tightly. Null all your earthling thoughts. Concentrate your mental power and direct it towards the Magic Dimension. Learn to fantasize with all your might. And now... your eyes and see: the Entrance Door. Place the point of your index fingers above those circles: they are the seal for the Entrance Door. Write your real name or an alias in which [] extradimensional admission.

Pages 12 and 13

In good time! You made it. You have crossed the threshold that separates Earth from the Magic Dimension. You have believed in dreams, the fantastic power of imagination, and you will be one of us. You have entered a wonderful world, and in it you will live thousands of magical experiences... the same that live your heroines. An authentic Winx!*

*Winx: modern fairy that study in Alfea School to perfection their powers and get to know the art of magic.

Dream or Reality?

Pages 14 and 15

Welcome to the most magical place in the world. Magix, as you can see, is in the center of a intricate crossroads. Here the magic energy beats as if its volcano lava. This "reserve" runs through special channels called "fluids," that reaches until the other dimensions and transmits power, strength and magic.

The inhabitants of Magix practice a type of easy magic, called basic magic. Thanks to this energy, small spells and strange phenomenons are habitual in the city. It is very pleasant to stroll through the streets of Magix and observe its curious inhabitants.

Enchanted Places

Pages 16 and 17

The Lake Roccaluce, the Black Mud Swamp, the Daphne's grotto, Roccaluce temple (Fortress of Light), the mysterious Gloomy Wood Forest... there are for all the tastes. The Lake Roccaluce is surrounded, in part, for the Black Mud Swamp, and has in its center an immense crater that contain Magix's Magic Dimension.

This is the queen of the Undines.[2] She caries a regal scepter and a crown. Is the only in green[3] color. The Undines live in alter bubbles suspended under the water lilies of the Black Mud Swamp. Those minuscule and sweet creatures build their floating houses above birch leaves.[4]

Pages 18 and 19

According to a legend, Daphne, the secret older sister of Bloom, and the others nymphs of Magix, they lived in the lake. Daphne, to save her younger sister, she wrapped her in a mantel and send her in a temporal passage. Soon she faced with bravery the three Ancestral Witches... Since Bloom discovered her true history, she feels great admiration and affection for Daphne.

The nymph Daphne - Her movements are very harmonious; She emanates a gold light; She carries the crown of Domino's princess; Hide her face behind a mask that makes her attractive and mysterious.

Pages 20 and 21

The temple of Roccaluce (Fortress of Light) is suspended above the lake, in the non-space. To reach it, one must use dimensional passage that require a high level of magic knowledge. The templars are the guardians of the temple. They practice the Eu-gong, a very complex martial art. Is the same that the Specialist practice in Red Fountain. [] this modality [] complete. The weapons and the uniform of the templars are result of a fusion between technology and tradition. The bravery and loyalty of the templars are legendary.

The Sr. of Roccaluz is the great master of the templars. He is very wise and, in distant times, saved the Magic Dimension from the hands of the Ancestral Witches, some very powerful witches that allied to conquer all of the dimension. The Trix, three perfidy students of the Cloud Tower School, are the obscure heirs of the Ancestral Wiches and of their plans of conquer: Darcy, Icy, Stormy.

Pages 22 and 23

Cloud Tower and Alfea - On the right and left of Matrix.[5] The schools of Alfea and Cloud Tower rises, respectively, in both sides of Magix. Alfea, on the right of the city, stands out for its bright magic. Cloud Tower, that represents the obscure power, it lifts, far and threatening, on the left of Matrix.[5] Cloud Tower serves of the huge evil energy to intent to win and substitute, with the intention of assuming its overwhelming strength. Both schools fight for the same objective, yet their methods are very distinct.

The school of fairies has the mission to defend all of the dimensions, including Earth's. You, the earthling, know nothing about that, but... if you knew, you would believe in the strength of magic. The best of Alfea is the wish to combat and win the evil with weapons of justice, union, friendship and the magic equilibrium.

Pages 24

Red Fountain - The specialists help the fairies and defend them with bravery. The third school of Magix is an adversary of Cloud Tower and ally of Alfea. In it, the bravest youths of the Magic Dimension receive a training that convert them in qualified Specialists.

Gallery of Characters: the Fairies

Pages 25 to 27


Pages 28 and 29

Like every year, Magix is in full activity: the new course has started and the streets and squares of the city are replete of newcomers that have entered through dimensional passages. The school of Red Fountain counts with new and promising Specialists; Alfea with new aspiring and fairies, and for disgrace, Cloud Tower open its door to young witches. In the school of Alfea study all the daughter of kings, fairies and wizards that are famous. Are girls coming from distinct planets and dimensions. They come from Solaria, Linphea, Melody, Zenith, Andros, Minus, Diaden, Dasia. The only place were no fairies live has been thousands of years is the Earth. Seems like the magic has disappeared from your planet, or at least, is something less habitual. This is the rumor that runs in Magix, yet... who knows.

Here, in Alfea, is epoch of study and tests. Let us take this opportunity to speak about your favorite fairies. I will present to you one by one, with all details. Approach: I want to whisper something in your hear... See that girl with hair like fire? I will start by her, seeing that is the leader of the Winx. She is called Bloom, and is a slender and beautiful girl. She is the unquestionable head of her group, the Winx Club, though she never brags about it. I will present her in the first place, because, as you know, one must respect priorities.


Pages 30 and 31

Magix - Card for the ultradimension:

  • Eyes: blue and big
  • Hair: red and rebel like fire
  • Particular feature: special fairy carrier of a mysterious magic
  • Place of birth: Gardenia (Earth)[6]
  • Power: exclusive and invincible power of the legendary Dragon's Flame
  • Main virtue: spirit of group

Magic version of Earth's passport.

  • Date of birth: December 10
  • Earth's zodiac sign: Sagittarius with Leo rising
  • Magic zodiac sign: Dragon

They say of her: She is generous, sincere, brave, noble, impulsive and charismatic.

The leader of the Winx is the guardian of the Dragon Flame - Hair always loose and rebel. Shining eyes with happiness. Last fashion boots. The skirt is always mini.

Pages 32 and 33

Magic Winx! The transformation occurs. All my energy explodes every time I transform. When I convert to fairy, I have the powers of: telekinesis*, matter animation, regeneration, waking up from hypnosis. My powers are inimitable and unstoppable, because they proceed from the Dragon. The gold necklace is a symbol of the legendary Dragon's Flame.

My wings are blue and shiny. The gold crown above my red hair is a symbol of royalty. My fairy dress is a celestial set. My boots are very stylist. My long and [] pointy gloves are the most chic.

  • Telekinesis: capacity to move objects or beings.[7]

Pages 34 and 35

Welcome to our magical world. This will be my second year in Alfea. I am eager to start the course and to live new adventures. I want a lot to speak with you for a moment, you know that both of us are earthlings? I have sixteen years, and until last year, I lived in Gardenia in Ear, with Vanessa and Mike, my parents. You see I come from Earth.[6] Everybody get surprised when I say it, because I am the only terrestrial fairy. When I tell you my whole story, you will understand.

The life I lived before was a lot similar with yours: I would go to a normal school, I had a rabbit as pet, a bicycle, one or another enemy*, many friends (although none so special as the Winx) and many dreams.

My pet: the sympathetic rabbit Kiko.

*I remember a girl from Gardenia whom I can not precisely consider a friend, the detestable Mitzie. Every time she saw me she bullied about my bicycle or any other thing. One day, I decided to ignore the promise to not use magic on Earth and I cast a spell converting her motorbike in a piglet!

Pages 36 and 37

One day, in the park, I saw a fairy, Stella, and a giant and dangerous troll. To defend the blonde fairy, I used for the first time some magic powers. I did not eve knew I had them. I was incredible! That is how all started. With the help from Stella, I left Gardenia and transferred to a mysterious dimension. My parents accompanied my until the magic border of Magix and there we had to depart. Stella took me to Alfea School under a fake name: of sudden, I converted myself in the princess Varanda of Calisto*. How hard is to keep a lie!

As you seen, I continue in Alfea, yet with my own identity. Here I study extraordinary subjects, I have exceptional friends, my dreams are converting to reality, I intent to gather the puzzle of my pass and every day I live a new magical adventure.

Fairy word: the magic is inside of you. Discover it, try it, and you will get to know yourself.

*Calisto is very far, in the forth world of the superior circle of Magix.

Pages 38 and 39

Do not believe that my magic life is easy. I have doubts and fears, same as you. At times, at night, frightening monsters that posses obscure powers visit me. They are the servants of my fearsome enemies: the Trix. In the day, I have to learn hundreds of spells and I must overcome many dangers. With luck, my friends the Winx and I formed a great magical team.

Want me to present the others? In first place, I want you to meet my best friend, the fairy that has the magic powers of the Sun and the Moon: Stella. Look at her, always by my side, she is very sweet and... tremendously vain.


Pages 40 and 41

Magix - Card for the ultradimension:

  • Eyes: brown and big
  • Hair: long and blonde like wheat
  • Particular feature: femininity to the cube[8]
  • Place of birth: Solaria
  • Power: the intense energy of the sun and the mysterious forces of the moon
  • Main virtue: loyalty

Magic version of Earth's passport.

  • Date of birth: August 18
  • Earth's zodiac sign: Leo with Taurus rising
  • Magic zodiac sign: Sirena

They say of her: She spontaneous, happy, egocentric, fun, generous, surprising... and she is crazy for fashion!

Princess of Solaria and Miss Magix - Knee-length trousers with wraparounds,[9] very fashion. Resplendent skin thanks to the magic cosmetics. A fantastic pair of sandals tied at the ankle. She transmit happiness, optimism inclusive in the darkest moments.

Pages 42 and 43

Magix Winx! A fascinating transformation. At day I have the powers of the sun and at night that of the moon. They are more effective in the sunny days and the nights of full moon. The sun gives me an active and destructive power, whereas the moon's power is debilitating and passive. The result of that are my spells: Sun Ray, Solar Sphere, Solar Barrier, Explosion of Light , Moon Ray, Lunar Shield, Lunar Drop. Furthermore, being how I am, if I want to have fun I must give indulge myself. Enchants me: the super-glitter make up, highlights in hair, magic tan, and other things that I will not tardy to invent.

The hair tied in two long pigtails; My sky-blue wings always in movement; My high heel boots; An asymmetric top with a single strap, of orange color and matching shorts.

Pages 44 and 45

I am sure that it was already told you how vain I am. But of course, why would I deny it? I am convinced that vanity is not a defect, yet a quality. I take care a lot of my aspect and I am a true expert in looks. My friends always ask me advice about the topic. I am the only daughter of the reins of Solaria, I mean, I am a a princess and a fairy at once. Do not believe that I am a snob. Owning a noble title is an advantage, yet it also has its inconveniences: for example, I always have to stand out at everything, although is not hard... I stand out inclusive without intending... I say it as a joke!

There is something in which I truly stand out; I have the title of Miss Magix. Thanks to luck and to my merits, I reached first place in the annual contest of my city. It was an incredible night! Very emotional! My number was "the dance of happiness;" Do not I look like a stupendous cowgirl? Fashion-Moda passionate me, like this with capital M. My closet is the largest and most spacious of all Magic Dimension. Neither Earth has many closets like mine.

Pages 46 and 47

You know what is my favorite hobbit? It is evidently: to go shopping in the stores of Magix or at the Adquistes*. I also like to flirt with the boys. Talking about boys... Red Fountain is a true "hunting ground." When it is time to study I am lazy, yet, with a bit more of effort and the help from the other Winx, I am safe that I will be able to improve and stand out. Alfea can not prescind of a fairy like me! Want to know what are my flaws? I am a bit egocentric, vanity, lunatic (not my fault, sin of the moon), something frivolous and lazy. I compensate my little flaws with many virtues. I am optimistic, happy, spontaneous, positive and generous.

Fairy word: The handsome [].

*Adquistes is a city that is in the center of the Wildlands[10]. Its high walls protect it from monsters that live there. It is famous for its clothing stores.

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  1. Mistake: In the illustration Cloud Tower and Red Foutain are swaped.
  2. Sp: minihadas Algas. Translation: Algae minifairies. En: Undines or Water Nymphs. Note: This could have been a mistake with using the queen's name Algae.
  3. Mistake: yellow/gold not green.
  4. Possible mistake: In the series they use the plant Xilith to construct their houses, yet as in the text it is "above the birch leaves" not "with the birch leaves" this could mean they move the Xilith above birch leaves to then build their homes.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Mistake: Instead of Matrix it should have been Magix.
  6. 6.0 6.1 Note: The book tells later that she is from Domino.
  7. Note: The text ended there not regarding Telekinesis without the need of physical contact.
  8. Sp: elevada al cubo; Idiom: Cube here is in the mathematics sense, like something is more than what is considered as the usual.
  9. Sp: pantalón pirata; Lit: pirate pants; Actual definition: Knee-length trousers with wraparounds.
  10. It (original): Territorio Recinto; Sp (book): Zona Recinto; Literal: Enclosed Territory/Zone; En: Wildlands.
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