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Note: I kept some Italian terms such as Perle (when the logo appears) and some portmanteaus as they could be untranslated in-story lore/words (tho I translated them in notes).
Note 2: brackets [] are for the words I could not see clearly or at all (when inside the text) (curse you camera flash), or when specified: for Scene or Note (being my comments in gray).

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[Scene: Bloom and Aisha under the sea as mermaids with many orange fishes nearby. Logos: Winx Club. Perle. Rainbow R. Fabbri Editori.]

  Series conceived by Iginio Straffi.

Endpaper (page 1):

[Scene: Under the sea with rocks, some algae and bubbles as the light shines from above.]

Page 2:

  This book belongs to the mermaid.

[Scene: Blank field to write. Below Bloom as a mermaid.]

Page 3:

[Logos: Winx Club. Perle.]

  A new magical adventure in the under the sea world of Andros.

Page 4:

[Scene: Aisha sitting on her bed with Milly sleeping behind her. From the window the moon and sea are visible.]

Chapter 1

Far from the Magic

Page 5:

[Scene: On the right side - orange coral and shell above a rock.]

  "A pearl of wisdom?" Hurry, go to bed and don't wake up with dark circles." Stella suggested with expertise. "They are so unaesthetic."

  "Perhaps you also know the secret to have mermaid's hair and princess' complexion?" said Aisha smiling tenderly to her friend. She had her face illuminated with a reverb blush that surrounded her with an enchanted atmosphere.

  "Packs of [] the seagulls, sea snails slime, a bit of mud and castor oil." answered the fairy seriously. "[I'm] Joking." she added, realizing that Aisha was [speechless] in disbelief.

  They burst out laughing. It was beautiful to share moments carefree and playful with so much complicity: their friendship bond had become ever so strong.

  "I believe it's very late. Let's go to sleep?" proposed Aisha, observing through bedroom window the sea on which the full moon reflected.

  "How are you always right?" asked Stella the peeking at the clock.

  Ginger, that had curled up on her leg, yawned. The fairy stretched her ears and listened the sleeping-sounds melody that came from the floor above where the baby-pets slept. Softly imagining herself in their funny pet beds. Surely the other Winx were asleep. There was no sound of footsteps nor the whisper of the night chattering that they liked so much.

  After those thoughts, Stella whispered melancholic: "Magical dreams, Aisha. Until tomorrow."

  "Princess dreams for you too, my friend." answered Aisha, making a gesture to send her, with her hand, an imaginary kiss.

Page 6:

  The fairy of fluids slipped in her scented bed sheets. She turned off her holophone and the reverb pink stopped. Then she slipped her holophone under her pillow, as if deluding herself that Stella and the others were together with her. Since her return to Andros, she repeated that gesture every night. It was a tender ritual, that made her feel less alone. She also turned off the lamp in shape of sea anemone. The bedroom was shrouded in semidarkness. Aisha liked to sleep in the moonlight's pearly glow. She tried to fall asleep, but she heard a faint cry. Less bad that are least you are with me... she thought, turning to the other side of the bed to caressed tenderly the fluffy ears.

[Scene: pink and orange flowers with the moon behind.]

  Milly, after fluttering in the room for quite a while in search for a familiar place, had fallen asleep in her owner's bed. In that moment she must has had a nightmare, because she cried softly. Probably, reflected Aisha, her small friend was not used to staying far from the others baby-pets, and suffered from missing them. They had been at Andros for only a few days, but for Milly, like all pets in the world, they hated change. Thanks to Aisha sweet embrace, the bunny returned to snoring, relaxed. When the fairy curled again under the blankets, hoping to have a beautiful dream.

Page 7:

[Scene: Stella on the phone petting Ginger.]

Page 8:

  In the far away Gardenia, Stella also turned off her cellphone and hopped from the divan with Ginger in her arms. Outside not a single sound could be heard: the city slept under a starry sky. The fairy went up the stairs and placed the poodle on her pet-bed, making a sign to not make a sound to not wake up the others pets. She arrived on tiptoes to her bed, that was on the center, among the others. She was not wrong: the Winx slept deeply, exhausted from the days of work at Love&Pet. She drew out the organza celestial-blue curtains, and slipped under the blankets reluctantly. She raised her right hand to her face: with the tip of her fingers she touched her lips and she too sent an imaginary kiss towards the sky. Above the ceiling and beyond the clouds. To Andros. She knew that tomorrow it would be a tiresome day: she had a list of appointments as long as the bear of a giant. But, at that moment, her mind was clear and relaxed.

[Scene: Pepe and Coco in their pet-bed.]

Page 9:

[Scene: Belle and Chicko in their pet-bed.]

  When the fairies had decided to live together in the loft above the shop, none of them could bear the absence of an element of the [magical] Winx squad. Less bad that I can call []. thought the fairy of Solaria, thinking about the look of her friend's room, desolately alone.

  Aisha had had to leave to keep a promise made to her father: he gave her permission to participate in the mission on Earth to rescue the last fairy of the planet, and she had promised that from that moment on she would celebrate all of her birthdays in the palace of Andros, with the family and the entire court. The 15th of June was near and she had to go.

  The only positive thing is that we will certainly be invited, and we will be able to reunite with her, thought Stella, clutching the pillow. A new, fantastic party awaits us. That thought give her solace. Finally she slept peacefully. Dreaming of [ball/layered] fluffy dresses, dancing, chatting, delicious canapés and good music.

Page 10:

[Scene: Beach with a castle far away.]

Chapter 2

Proving of Elegance

Page 11:

[Scene: on the right side pink flowers.]

  The next mornings. Aisha was awake early. The rest of the palace was silent, as the pink light of the dawn caressed the ivory colored walls of the palace and the seagulls screeched in flight. Her room had turned into a frenetic operative center: it was the moment of the pick of the dress. But Aisha wished she was hundred miles from there... Standing, in the [center of the room], with an expression sad and inconsolable. Certainly Stella [would had] commented that she resembled one sentenced to death. For more than two hours, [now] [] and walked dressed attentive to the approval of those present, but the [verdict] [until] that moment had been inexorably negative. On her right, was Nanny, her chaperone; on her left the royal chief tailor, Mister Cisò. Both had spent their time swinging their heads in denial as if they were pendants of a same pendulum. In her heart, Aisha couldn't blame them, because from all clothes none could convince her, but she was tired of losing time in something so futile, and turned to conclude the matter. Above her large bed were placed dozens and dozens of sumptuous clothes. Aisha dressed the penultimate dress, with a resigned air: Cisò had finished it overnight. The poor tailor was tense: he had dark circles and a rumpled waistcoat. Besides, if the birthday of the princess was an event, the dress was a matter of state.

Page 12:

  The half-open window swung open by a gust originated from the sea and Milly entered, flying uncertainly. She landed on the frame of the big mirror positioned at the center of the room. She didn't wanted to miss not even a bit of that moment. Nanny was helping Aisha to fasten her dress behind her back: the bustier was tight and rigid. The girl held her breath: she thought that she preferred being in Gardenia to celebrate her birthday like any other girl. At that moment, she seemed like playing a character from another time. Huffing now, and like her the poor Nanny also huffed, because she feared that such dress was not the right one. And instead... Aisha's eyes lightened. The tailor chief closed the buckle of the shoes, with lordliness. Nanny joined [] and smiled, admiring the enchanting effect of the clothe. Aisha was splendid.

  "[Little-] Princess, finally... it is [perfect]!" exclaimed the tailor chief, smoothing his mustache [] and making a solemn bow. "This dress is the right one for you. You [are/]look truthfully radiant!"

  "Never an expression has been more adequate," commented the chaperone, heaving a sigh of relief.

  Milly grabbed with her paws the diadem of emerald and pearl, that was above the bed, and landed on Aisha's forehead. Now nothing was missing. Mister Cisò burst into applause and in an impulse of enthusiasm he hugged the girl, relieved.

Page 13:

[Scene: Nanny tightening Aisha's dress, while Cisò sighs.]

Page 14:

  "I find this to be the only dress up to your highness for the party," concluded in the end Cisò, recovering a bit of his formality. Then, worried for the fact that the princess haven't said anything until now, he said, hesitantly: "And you... what you think, your highness?"

  Aisha would not remove her eyes from her image reflected at the mirror. Milly grabed her ears with her paws like a funny question mark. Cisò stared at the girl, with attention, and Nanny raised an eyebrow, perplexed. In fact, after dozens of dresses, some too simple and others too strict, Aisha had recognized that such dress suited her a lot. Was gorgeous, but at the same time elegant.

  Aisha [] the three of them, because she said: "I surrender! Mister Cisò, you won. This seems perfect to me."

  Mister Cisò felt himself floating a palm above earth from joy. Milly flew around Aisha and covered her with kisses [licks]. Aisha imprinted that moment on her mind, to keep it in her heart.

  Any moment, she she looked outside the window, in a startle [jump] she exclaimed: "I forgot the invitation to my super-friends... For all the giant jellyfishes [meduses]!"

[Note: I don't know if they meant the animal jellyfish (which is more probable) or if there might be a species of Medusa-like creatures in the Winx world.]

  "My dear," whispered Nanny, "I figured that you wouldn't have time to think about it and I took the liberty of handling it myself. You just tell me if you like it." She handed her a fine letter-paper embellished of marine decoration.

Page 15:

[Note: This page is missing in the Italian scans, I will need to check the Russian for a translation later.]

Page 16:

  And it was such that the five Winx left at Gardenia received soon after the official invitation to the party. They were working at the Love&Pet, when suddenly a white seagull with its beak pecked at one of the shop windows. Flora made him enter quickly, because she noticed something around its neck. The fairy intuited that it was a message from Aisha. The animal, covered of magic dust, seemed tired.

  "Poor little one..." whispered the fairy of flowers, carrying it to the infirmary, "I deduce that this which you have in your feathers is the old fairy dust; must have been of use to you to cross many interdimensional paths. Courage..."

  "It would have been enough if Aisha phoned [us]" commented Tecna, a bit polemic. "The new communications are very fast and comfortable!"

  "It wouldn't be something so surprising and exciting" exclaimed Bloom, understanding that her friend had wanted to give them a dreaming surprise.

  "Soon my revitalizing treatment of Selvafosca rubber, you will be good as new" promised Stella, clutching in her hands a flask of lucidapenne oil.

[Note: I kept the original Italian portmanteau terms but a translation to it could be: Selvafosca "jungle-blurred" and lucidapenne "shiny-feathers." There was a place named as Selvafosca (Foresta di Selvafosca) on the cartoon, said to be in Lake Roccaluce, but I don't know/remember how it was translated to English.]

  The poor creature tried to fly away, foreseeing the worst, but not doing it in time. Stella grabbed him and blocked him. Then, she said to the others, being shyly: "Let's carry the message home to read it calmly. If the invitation to the party is something so elegant, imagine it how magical [fairytastical] will be our dresses!"

Page 17:


Page 18 (page 17 open -left):

  From the lustrous queen of Andros, to Your Fairy Ladyship. The sovereigns are proud to officially invite you to the sumptuous planetary party organized for the birthday of the beloved princess Aisha. The sovereigns are sure that you will be happy to accept the invitation and that you will not hesitate to reunite as soon as possible, seeing the special friendship that you hold with the princess. In wait for your [] arrival at the palace, the sovereigns extend [] best regard. The party will take place tomorrow evening: it will begin at sunset and last the whole night to the following days. Your Ladyship are invited to remain as welcome guests from the royal family for the whole duration of the festivity. Warm greetings to all of you, from the king, the queen and from the princess Aisha. [Signatures: Erendor Sawara, Aisha.]

[Note: Aisha's parents names are wrong in this page.]

Page 19 (page 17 open -right):

[Scene: the winx.]

Page 20:

[Scene: the sea.]

Chapter 3

A Present from the Sea

Page 21:

  Finally Aisha was alone. Now she had a bit of time to herself. She dressed with a very simple outfit, sky blue with asymmetrical hem. She wanted to stroll alone by the sea. Milly fluttered around to join her. Aisha, with a gesture from her hand, invited her to follow.

  Okay, it won't be a lonely outing considered the fairy, but along with my pet it will be beautiful all the same. The air was densely perfumed, and the intense light created defined shadows. The sea seemed painted by the hands of an artist.

  Ah, what an enchanted landscape thought the girl, happily. Life is so beautiful... And I'm finally big [adult]. She started to run towards the foreshore, crackling the shell of seashells, stepping with bare feet. Milly hopped around her, being sure to lift as much sand as she could. The placid sea showed small ripples of white foam that reached [] level on the shore. Aisha noticed an object briefly distant. She got closer with curiosity and protected her eyes from [] shielding them with her hands. Milly rose up in a prudent flight. The sea water covered and uncovered like a magician's cloak the jewelry box covered of splendid shells.

  "What a wonderful box... Maybe its a gift from queen Ligea?" murmured Aisha, struck, approaching to look at it more carefully. She remembered with pleasure the sovereign of the underwater world: during their first aquatic mission, Ligea had acted as a friend and an ally.

Page 22:

  Milly stretched her ears and opened wide her eyes, remaining suspended on air flapping slowly her wings, on guard.

  "You are right, wise bunny" said Aisha. "Is not said [written] that is a present for me, and it's not certain it's a gift from Ligea."

  But it looks like... thought the fairy to herself, bending to touch it. The jewelry box was round and covered with shells of many shapes and colors. It emanated an aura of mystery. There is a gold click locker. Must be to keep its contents a secret... reflected the fairy. "What a curious object."

Page 23:

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