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Apart from the synopsis translation, I only added here what is not yet present in the Sirens page.

Winx Club - Sirene - Le Winx nel Mondo Sottomarino di Andros.

(Winx Club - Sirens [Mermaids] - The Winx in the underwater [under the sea] world of Andros.)

Rainbow, Winx Club™ © Copyright 2003 - 2007

Technical Information:

Product Dimensions: approx. 22 x 1 x 32 cm
Shipping Weight: approx. 621 g
Original Price: € 17,50
ISBN-10: 8845142256
ISBN-13: 978-8845142253



"Allertata da un oscuro presagio, Bloom raccoglie la richiesta di aiuto lanciata da due sirene in difficoltà.
Una minaccia orribile, nascosta nei fondali di Andros, rischia di compromettere l'equilibrio del mondo sottomarino.
Tra metamorfosi spettacolari e duelli mozzafiato, le Winx lotteranno contro il temutissimo Kraken, affiancando le Sirene, magia dopo magia, fino alla vittoria finale."

English (translation by Fleur123):

"Alerted about an obscure omen, Bloom picked up [sensed] the request for help sent from two mermaids in difficulty.
A horrible threat, hidden in the depths of Andros, risks of compromising the balance of the underwater world.
Between spectacular metamorphoses and breathtaking duels, the Winx will fight against the feared Kraken, flanking the Sirens, magic after magic, till the final victory."


  • The book contain 2 fixed posters, each the size 4 pages, folded to fit in.
  • At the hardcover, the title "Sirene" is made of silver foil paper with details of colorful stars.
  • The pages' paper have a gloss layer and are a little bit tick.
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