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  • I was born on January 4
  • I am Crazily Busy -making me STRESS!!
  • Harmee32123

    New theme Info! (Updated)

    December 25, 2013 by Harmee32123

    So, who's excited for the new theme? So....

    • Making you guys wait for such long time.
    • I won't be following the poll, since I can't find the Bloomix picture of Flora.

    • It is fan-art, RoseXinh has approve me to do this. As long as the fan-art looks really official. Why not, right?
    • The fan-art belongs to ForgottenbyGods at Deviantart. Don worry, I've asked permission and she's fine with it.

    • I can't say this, it's up to the admins to launch it. But I will give the file to the admin in 1 day.

    • RoseXinh has asked me to make 25 random wordmark, I will work on that soon.
    • Merry Xmas, happy holidays and happy new year!

    I won't ask the same old question, whether do u want Bloom or not. Since Sorrel suggested me to put Bloom. And some of you doesn't want her. I wi…

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  • Harmee32123

    1. First one, I want to apologized to everyone if I offended them bout this music thingy. 

    2. If u r my haters, n immatured to listen to "We Can't Stop", juz don message me then coz u know y? My own "house" makes u uncomfortable.

    3. I'm ready to take all of d consequences to be done by d admins.

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  • Harmee32123

    Scripts FORMAT please....

    November 28, 2013 by Harmee32123

    OK. So, I've been editing scripts for now and I think something messed up. I'm not sure if I'm the one that messed the format. Example:

    • Winx Club - Episode 601/Script
    • Winx Club: Premiere Special/Script

    Plus, I don think it is necessary change simple thing and make it complicated. I mean, it's a SCRIPT. Not a brief explanation like Episode's Synopsis. As an example, an action can be on simplify by:

    1.(birds chirping) instead of 2.A chirping sound is heard.

    1.Daphne: (gasps) instead of 2.Daphne gasp as she's shocked.

    I think that's not necessary. And explaination is also not needed as well I think. Example:

    1.Bloom: Daphne. Is that you? instead of 2.Bloom walks slowly towards a small sparks of fire and asked


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  • Harmee32123

    Gotta Say it's LAME

    November 2, 2013 by Harmee32123

    OK, since Nick takeover the Winx shows (I'm not saying Nick is lame) , but all I see the big changes we can see is on S4. ALOT!! And when I heard WCS6 synopsis. I know it's awesome since they're giving something fresh back on the old stories (modified and enhance the stoty between Alfea and Cloutower). But seriously, Nick has "ignored" Roxy which is not good for me even though I'm not a Roxy fan. In S4, there is a title "7-The Perfect Number" which means Roxy has officially join the winx. And now, Nick made S6 pretty much like S5.

    Here are some LAME stuff Nick has made:

    1. 2 transformation per Season, one is given free and one has to be achieve (Seriously?)
    2. There will be 3D again which I think it is not necessary for S6.
    3. Musa's, Tecna's and Aisha…
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