• RoseForever

    April Blog

    April 8, 2013 by RoseForever

    Hi guys! Another blog from me :)! Okay, Episode 521 is already uploaded in YouTube. Here's the link:

    A Perfect Date. And Sen posted that a country will be seeing the last two episodes. I know this is kindda unfair for us because we get to watch it once a week! 


    King Krauis/Crauis refuses to join the alliance to fight Tritannus, believing that tecnology will keep them safe. But Tecna and the Winx know otherwise and go to Zenith to talk to him and Tritannus continues to threthen the entire Magic Dimension attacking the Pillar of Control.

    The girls wear Winter outfits, is it Winter in Zenith :P? Did anyone noticed that each Winx girl has a special Sirenix spell? 

    Stella - Light of Sirenix

    Tecna - Aura of Sirenix

    Musa - Voice of Sirenix


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  • RoseForever

    March Blog :)!

    March 2, 2013 by RoseForever

    Hi Guys :D!!! Another blog again... Anyways, I early changed my talkbox images. And I've made 7 sigs... but it's worthless... It's making me very crazy >.✿Flora✿</font>]] ~ ✿Petal Hurricane✿ 13:25, March 2, 2013 (UTC)

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    Febraury Blog Post!

    February 1, 2013 by RoseForever

    Hi everyone! I decided to have month-month posts... so, I started in January. Ahh, doesn't it feel great to have the Love Month all around the month??? I just got blessed today from our school... I must be:

    • happy all the time
    • Not desperate
    • Successful... Nobody musn't block my way

    that's what the priest said to the February Celebrants. Now, I have to be 2x more active here... if you'd like me too. I bet ep. 14 is going to air at 17th Febraury [...that's a few days away from my special day!....] according to Borys' blog post. Now, I've updated my talkbox images. 


    Since, Fatimah's not around, I've added a new category "Magic Spells" to each spells, but unfortunately I finished the fairies' spells. So, I believe some pages are ready to be added…

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  • RoseForever

    Hello Everybody :D! I'm excited for Febraury!!!! So excited, can't wait for that "special" day! I guess it's several days left to go. There will be alot of changes, lots of edits, and lots of troubles by this summer. And, I think me and Rose are getting along, after the case. I've asked Fatimah why all the admins (except her and Rose) are not online somehow. I wish I could help this wiki and Disney Fairies Wiki.

    Now, let's change our subject/topic...

    I've watched the 13th episode on Nick. I'm happy of the performance but I'm not happy 'cause Episode 14 has not yet aired in many countries. People are getting sick of this! even me! I'm going to ask Molly Quinn or Alejandra Reynoso. And if I get more info... please don't make any silliness.


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  • RoseForever

    January Blog Post

    January 11, 2013 by RoseForever

    Hello Everybody! it's me, Flora :D! Sorry for the commotions, but I want to tell you all of what was in my heart last year. I was saddend, deppressed and almost screamed at midnight. I didn't sleep well, I never got that out of my mind, I never smiled :(. I thought it was to be a bountiful, Christmas... but it wasn't. I never had a sad Christmas, and this was the first time in my entire life.

    Sorry if I hadn't replied your messages by that time... I was at our province, no internet connection :). But now, I'm active! I saw all of your messages, each by each... and I know all of you were talking about me!!! I read those ALL! My heart was shocked, as well as I, and my heart was like... torn apart. I kept those in my mind, every minute, every …

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