Hey guys.I'm so happy today that I just got my 1000th edit for the first time!So now, I hope that you have gifts for me right?So, I'll really appreciate it so much.Even I'm still 1000, I'll become part of the top 19.So I guess, your happy for me too!I'll make more edits just to be 2,000.For all the hard works(and lazy work :D) I gain a new level.

So any request, questions?I can make it for you but it takes time.And I've heard an old song I used to sing, Do you want me to share it with you?ok."Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path".I've been updating my FB account to share the next news with you, searching some pics for my gallery and for the articles(of course :D) so any request may help for your talkbox pics.

Ok now let's change the topic

"RoseXinh is a neird and a idiot"

A wikia contributor just created a page about Rose.So, I hope we learned a lesson that bulling is a very offensive type.

Rose is a great person.She delete and create pages as well as the administrators.


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