Hi everyone! I decided to have month-month posts... so, I started in January. Ahh, doesn't it feel great to have the Love Month all around the month??? I just got blessed today from our school... I must be:

  • happy all the time
  • Not desperate
  • Successful... Nobody musn't block my way

that's what the priest said to the February Celebrants. Now, I have to be 2x more active here... if you'd like me too. I bet ep. 14 is going to air at 17th Febraury [...that's a few days away from my special day!....] according to Borys' blog post. Now, I've updated my talkbox images. 


Wikia Disscussions


Since, Fatimah's not around, I've added a new category "Magic Spells" to each spells, but unfortunately I finished the fairies' spells. So, I believe some pages are ready to be added as a "Completed page". I'll talk with Rose, Brittney and Sarah about that...


It's fine, but the only problem is the images there. Like someone uploaded an unnecessary image to Flora's page. 


Since, SkyGuy isn't around, As usual, no one edits and no mistakes... so I think I might add a completed template. But please add videos/images to it. Thanks!


Please.... Please... Please don't add unnecessary images you can use it in your profile. And we need HD pictures not blurry and has been downloaded... so, I have to add the delete template to each unnecessary and unused image.

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