Hello Everybody! it's me, Flora :D! Sorry for the commotions, but I want to tell you all of what was in my heart last year. I was saddend, deppressed and almost screamed at midnight. I didn't sleep well, I never got that out of my mind, I never smiled :(. I thought it was to be a bountiful, Christmas... but it wasn't. I never had a sad Christmas, and this was the first time in my entire life.

Sorry if I hadn't replied your messages by that time... I was at our province, no internet connection :). But now, I'm active! I saw all of your messages, each by each... and I know all of you were talking about me!!! I read those ALL! My heart was shocked, as well as I, and my heart was like... torn apart. I kept those in my mind, every minute, every hour, and everytime!

But I still had a fun time after Mason, said to be friends.... but not a true! friend. I recovered from my headache for 5 days after. And now, I was busy. And I kept the computer on my mind. After then, I felt lost... alone, with no one to cheer me all up! Good thing, I still have a loyal friend in here! Guess... It's Fatimah! She said I was still her friend. She's a very loyal person.

After a few school days, I was more focused on my work than the computer. I also wanted to propose to Rose if we could use some interesting words. You know to make the article more and more interesting to read. And we should add words that are sesquipedilan, not even read before :D, and words with "y". Remember, I'm not a copy cat >.<! I wanted to know about what you've been through these days.

I had some conundrum problems with my talkboxes. And talk about talkboxes, 2 contributers keep messing up my page! Btw, I had some talks with Rose and Mason. Whenever I talk to them, I feel guilty! They're the ones that I've messed up. Listen, I'm really sorry if I messed our friendship up :(. Whenever I talk to both of you... I feel like I'm regaining our friendship. And I really hope that our friendship lasts long.

Flora - Fata della Natura! 07:11, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

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