Hello Everybody :D! I'm excited for Febraury!!!! So excited, can't wait for that "special" day! I guess it's several days left to go. There will be alot of changes, lots of edits, and lots of troubles by this summer. And, I think me and Rose are getting along, after the case. I've asked Fatimah why all the admins (except her and Rose) are not online somehow. I wish I could help this wiki and Disney Fairies Wiki.

Now, let's change our subject/topic...

Season 5 Episode 14 not yet released

I've watched the 13th episode on Nick. I'm happy of the performance but I'm not happy 'cause Episode 14 has not yet aired in many countries. People are getting sick of this! even me! I'm going to ask Molly Quinn or Alejandra Reynoso. And if I get more info... please don't make any silliness.

Rose - It's a fairy life! 14:36, January 25, 2013 (UTC)

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