• RoseForever

    Mistake or Not?

    October 12, 2012 by RoseForever

    Hey there!I've seen a photo like it's a mistake or not.


    Here are Amaryl, Alice, and Kryatal.

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  • RoseForever


    October 10, 2012 by RoseForever

    Hey Guys!I have seen Winx Club Ep. 6.Do you like it?And in a close up of 3 Winx girls in thier Harmonix shows there is a some-kind of effects on the wings.

    If you have read this please don't edit the Winx's pages first.

    Ok...Kindly comment!

    Here's another thing that will or might happend on Episode 7.

    Here, Flora becames a statue but I hope she'll return to her normal self

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  • RoseForever

    Hi Guys!Just got my 700th edit!Only 302 edits left to go to have 1000 edits.Our field trip was fine but someone got motion sickness in our van.We went alot of places in Rainforest,Pasig.Now I'm back,still online but I have jobs to do.Here's a pic:

    This is the pic I'm talking about for FB users.This is a request from Winx club Musa.But now I can't give her more request she's so busy making them all she isn't online yet.

    at Alfea College for Faires]] Roxy!I'm also a fan for Roxy.I hope you like this photo.All of my pics belong to me,FloraEnchantix.

    Hey guys tell who's your fave fairy and explain why you love them.

    Flora-She is a nice,kind,helpful and shy person.Even though she is not the Princess of Linphe…

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  • RoseForever

    A message to Flora Haters!

    September 19, 2012 by RoseForever

    Hi Guys!Still online.

    I saw one of the user's blog post that Flora is not the Princess of Linphea.I also saw her message there in Floras page.She doesn't like(she HATES) Flora!It makes me sad.

    There maybe a chance that there are two kingdoms in Linphea,like on Andros.

    • Stay out of my life!
    • Do not comment on my blog posts.
    • Do not edit any of Flora's pages.
    • Edit Krystal's page and other pages.
    • Don't leave a message on my talkpage!

    I don't wanna hear that "Flora's a lozer","Flora's a liar".I don't want that!So better watch out for me cuz I am sensitive about it.I hope you understand.....I am a big fan of Flora and saying that she's a lozer,a liar,and not a princess.I guess you all Flora Haters,hate Flora very much.

    If you're saying that Flora's nothing…

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  • RoseForever

    My Rules!

    September 13, 2012 by RoseForever

    Here are my rules follow these but these is just MY RULES.

    1. Do not copy my pics!
    2. Do not add headers on my talkpage!
    3. Do not edit on my profile!
    4. Comment without bad words!
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