• RoseForever

    Let's Celebrate!

    September 4, 2012 by RoseForever

    Hey guys!Just passed the test for computer my score/points is 58+5=63....:)!Can't you believe it.I kept editing so that I can rank up.Now my rank is rank 40 I think a few more and I can rank up again.

    I'm so proud,so happy,so thankful,and so praisefull that I passed!I want everyone to visit this:

    Search for Winx club Musa.Her picture is her in her Season 4 outfit with a white background.

    Check Picture Request and see Rutchellerose Ellema.


    Please visit this pages:

    It is about me,my page for talking/chatting!,my pics and borrowed ones

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  • RoseForever

    My 400th Edit!:)

    September 1, 2012 by RoseForever

    I just got my 400th Edit!Like I promised:

    Facebook Users:Go to my profile see my name and there is a pic of Flora in her Harmonix and Stella in her Sirenix.

    Wikia Users:Here it is:

    Like comment on my blog post.!

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  • RoseForever


    September 1, 2012 by RoseForever

    Hey Guys!I'm back!Sorry for not replying back your messages.The Internet Connection was lost so we have to fix it in MOA.If you're happy to see me comment.

    So good to be back.I'm going to edit and edit until I get my 400th edit.Once I get it I may upload it here or you're gonna see it on Facebook

    Am I so different?I'm really brilliant in everythin' and all but do you think that I'm not so good enough.

    Who edited my gallery?As you can see...there is a new heading called "Group Pictures"Anyways,thanks!

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  • RoseForever

    I'm so near!!!

    August 29, 2012 by RoseForever

    I have 10 more edits to get my 400th Edit.Get ready for the pictures.It will be both on Facebook and Winx Club Wiki.

    I'll be online both on FB and W.C.W.

    Please also comment on my other blogs.

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  • RoseForever

    The Seventh Fairy!

    August 26, 2012 by RoseForever

    I just bought 2day a Believix Fairy doll and it is Aisha but when I looked @ the back,I saw the signature of Roxy and saying,"Roxy of Winx Club"

    I'll give u the pic when I upload it here on the Wiki and on Facebook.

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