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  • Bio hi i’m bella and my sorry ass has been here 8 long years 😔
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  • RoyallyBella

    The Season 7 airdate looms closer and many of you wikians are already discussing this controversial season. What do you think could happen? What are the latest updates? Who's dubbing Season 7? You can answer, and/or ask these questions here, on the official Season 7 discussion blog!

    As always, follow these simple rules:

    • No criticizing another person's judgement or opinion
    • This blog should not be used to attack another person verbally
    • No one should be left out of the discussion
    • No irrelevant information/media should be posted
    • No inappropriate language should be used, and no inappropriate images should be uploaded

    So now I've alerted you to the guidelines:


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  • RoyallyBella

    Most of our users have voted in favor of having a chatroom, and today I was given the all clear to enable one! *yay*

    Let's party! But wait, we have to sort out a few things first.

    We've settled our chat banning policy, but what can chat users be banned for? Give us your ideas below!

    Let's face it, the star that appears next to the chat moderators' names are pretty dull. What do you think our chat moderator mark should be?

    To celebrate the opening of our chatroom, I've decided to host a party :) Everyone is invited and I will officially cut the ribbon to open the chat (like they do when they open new buildings and facilities). It will be hosted this Saturday night, Sunday for some. It will last for approximately thirty minutes.

    Saturday Night:


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  • RoyallyBella

    Hi guys. I know how much you look forward to reading my blogs, so I decided to create one to waste your time. Just kidding. I actually have some important issues to discuss with you all.

    Maintaining a chat room might sound like a lot of hard work, but it really isn't. In a way, having chat on our wiki could make us all come together more. I know a lot of people don't like chat, but it'd be a good way for our admins to have meetings to discuss issues every now and then. We could also discuss issues there as a community.

    FAQ: Do not ask these questions again in the comments.

    Chat will be too overcrowded.

    Not necessarily. My other wiki, Camp Half-Blood Wiki, has thousands more users than this one and the maximum number of users on chat is rarely hi…

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  • RoyallyBella

    I know this is my fourth blog this week, but I wanted to thank our wiki community. You guys are truly awesome, and the amount of hard work you put in after Rose adopted the wiki is remarkable.

    I want to thank RoseXinh for finding the courage to adopt this wiki and helping to turn it into what it is today :). I want to thank Sorreltail18 for guiding us throughout with her wisdom ;). I want to thank Princessfairyflora for creating the Fairy Rescue Section, which is a great way to help organize the wiki. I also want to thank Harmee32123 and FreakyMagic, for all the hard work they've put into designing the theme and cursor respectively.

    I also want to thank all of our other editors, who may not have gotten a mention, but you are just as awesome …

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  • RoyallyBella

    Know Days Wish List

    December 24, 2013 by RoyallyBella

    I got this idea from wikia... They suggested asking your wiki's community what they'd like for Christmas from a certain series and our topic is WINX CLUB!

    So what would you guys like for Christmas if you lived in the Winx Club world? Be creative :)! It can be anything you would think they have in the Magic Dimension :)! Bella 02:47, December 24, 2013 (UTC)

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