Most of our users have voted in favor of having a chatroom, and today I was given the all clear to enable one! *yay*

Let's party! But wait, we have to sort out a few things first.

Chat policy

We've settled our chat banning policy, but what can chat users be banned for? Give us your ideas below!

What should be our chat moderator mark?

Let's face it, the star that appears next to the chat moderators' names are pretty dull. What do you think our chat moderator mark should be?

Chat opening party!

To celebrate the opening of our chatroom, I've decided to host a party :) Everyone is invited and I will officially cut the ribbon to open the chat (like they do when they open new buildings and facilities). It will be hosted this Saturday night, Sunday for some. It will last for approximately thirty minutes.

Saturday Night:

10:30 pm Central Time (America)

11:30 pm Eastern Time (America)

9:30 pm Mountain Time (America)

Sunday Morning/Afternoon:

Rose: Sadly cannot make it ;(

Harmi: 12:30 pm

Me: 12:30 pm

Sarah & Fatimah: 6:30 am (please wake up early)

For all those who can't come, we'll have another party later on Saturday morning for all to attend :)


1. Brit's long, boring opening speech (and yes, it has already been prepared XD)
2. When everyone is bored, the ribbon will be cut spectacularly by the admins together (so far Sorrel, Brit & Fatimah)
3. Once we've cut the ribbon, we'll have a toast.
4. Then we can partayyyyy :)!

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