Hi guys. I know how much you look forward to reading my blogs, so I decided to create one to waste your time. Just kidding. I actually have some important issues to discuss with you all.


Maintaining a chat room might sound like a lot of hard work, but it really isn't. In a way, having chat on our wiki could make us all come together more. I know a lot of people don't like chat, but it'd be a good way for our admins to have meetings to discuss issues every now and then. We could also discuss issues there as a community.

FAQ: Do not ask these questions again in the comments.

Chat will be too overcrowded.

Not necessarily. My other wiki, Camp Half-Blood Wiki, has thousands more users than this one and the maximum number of users on chat is rarely higher than 7 or 8. Most times around 6 users are on chat, and not all of them are talking.

It will encourage random users to join.

Well, that's a good thing! We can encourage these users to read our standards before editing.

We will break into fights.

No we won't, the chat moderators will be able to handle that :)

Who would be chat moderators?

The admins, (even though they may not want to join) and rollbacks. Really, we'd need to discuss this as a community.

And while I was writing that boring FAQ, I came up with an ingenious idea. What if we had monthly workshops? New users (or users who want more experience editing) can join chat and the admins can give them editing tips.

So in conclusion, a chat would be a pretty useful function. Leave your comments below guys. It will be a community decision after all, and I do not rule this wiki.

Blocking policy

So, most wikis, to keep it organized, have a blocking policy that admins must follow if they want to block someone. Here's an example of a blocking policy.

Blocking Reason Block Length
Vandalism First offense (1 week), Second offense (3 months), Third offense (infinite, or if you like, until some random date 2000 years into the future)
Sockpuppetry Infinite (or until some random date 2000 years into the future, like 5011, 3498, something like that)

We will not follow that. I was just making it up as an example. Anyway, let me know what you guys think.

This is an important matter. Please get everyone you know to comment!

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