I know this is my fourth blog this week, but I wanted to thank our wiki community. You guys are truly awesome, and the amount of hard work you put in after Rose adopted the wiki is remarkable.

I want to thank RoseXinh for finding the courage to adopt this wiki and helping to turn it into what it is today :). I want to thank Sorreltail18 for guiding us throughout with her wisdom ;). I want to thank Princessfairyflora for creating the Fairy Rescue Section, which is a great way to help organize the wiki. I also want to thank Harmee32123 and FreakyMagic, for all the hard work they've put into designing the theme and cursor respectively.

I also want to thank all of our other editors, who may not have gotten a mention, but you are just as awesome as the people I acknowledged above.

I am so thankful for being a member of this great community. I think I'm getting all teary now :)

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope 2014 brings good health and prosperity.

BellaFlora sig Brit 23:22, December 26, 2013 (UTC)

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