• Soaf

    Currently, I am seeing that many people don't really have much things to do lately so I created this blog for all requests/projects (pages) that need to be finished, I have also have some TOO that were in-completed and not finished yet so here they are:

    List of pages that need works:

    • Season 4
      • All Season 4 episodes's pages need more photos 
      • All scripts must be created/checked for unsure lines and complete them.
      • Some Season 4 synopsis need to be expanded
      • Rai Italian Voice Actress/Cast must be added in
    • Season 5
      • Rai Italian Voice-Cast need to be in it (510-526)
      • 501 (The Spill)'s Synopsis need to be expanded.
      • All Season 5 script must be created and finished
    • Season 6
      • Rai Italian Voice Cast/Actress must be added in for 614-616
      • 604,605,608 (Unsure lines),609-6…
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