WhiteJasmineFlower WhiteJasmineFlower 26 May 2017

Renaming Comics

This is just gonna be a short blog.

I'm sure you've all already noticed that the comics are being renamed. However, the ones with the old way of naming will have that as their redirect page, (i.e. The Shaab Stone --> Issue 21: The Shaab Stone; "The Shaab Stone" will be the redirect page.) Due to the large amount of comics, their characters and other things, it is a hassle to have to go each page and rename them. And again, this'll only apply to the ones that were already named the previous way.


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WhiteJasmineFlower WhiteJasmineFlower 14 March 2016

Opinions of Comics

Hey guys, so I requested to be the Leader of Project Comic and it was accepted. And I just wanted to ask you guys some things regarding the comics.

There are spells in the comics that are not seen in the animated series and I wanted your opinion if we should allow a page for them or not. The thing is, so far, most of these spells are usually only used once and not used again.

And also, I've created a category for the recent comic: Season 4 Comics; do you think there should be other categories to help catalog the comics or not?

Just wanted your guys opinions, so let me know! :D

Edit: Also, forgot to mention, I'll be making grading templates for the comics when I have time. Just an fyi.

Edit 2 (3/18/16):

So far, I've gotten the sections down, and I…

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WhiteJasmineFlower WhiteJasmineFlower 2 December 2015

Attention All Users - Picture Qualities/Gallery

Lately, there have been multiple uploads of pictures that are extremely bad quality (i.e. dark, blurry, unnecessarily cropped, stretched, etc.) and one of the biggest is pictures that have logos.

These are unacceptable and the user who repeatedly uploads these will be given warnings. If these warnings are ignored and the user continues to upload these - they will be blocked. The admins are tired of constantly needing to remove these pictures in order to keep the Wikia tidy. 

The rules have also been updated, read and review them: Help:Winx Wikia Standards. Pay close attention to the rules for the pictures and gallery as it is these two that have changed.

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WhiteJasmineFlower WhiteJasmineFlower 9 July 2015

New Admins - Discussions on Updating Rules

Hey, guys! WhiteJasmineFlower, here! I'd like to address the new admins (including myself): XxDragonHeart, BelieveInMagic814 and Soaf.

So this is regarding the updates on the rules of the wikia, I had already asked Head Admin RoseXinh if I could update the rules and she gave me her permission to do so. So, I'd like to ask you guys something, is there anything you'd like to add to the rules?

Also, there's something that I've been wondering about... How would you guys like to enforce uploading pictures? I've seen a lot of pictures where they are cropped, adjusted/elongated to an unnecessary size that is completely different from what is viewed on TV/YouTube. So I was wondering if we could make a standard that the pictures must be in the format…

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