Hi guys,

I am having a really rough time organizing this page: Concepts/Winx Club. I gave up maybe not even half way because my brain was doing this @.@

So I need your help. How can I make this better? I'm at a lost on how to organize this. Please help! TTOTT

Below is a list of existing subpages (total: 29):

One issue I'd like to point out is: because there are pages that are similarly named (e.g. Season 4 - Character Designs and Storyboard), so they link whichever one came first. This particular concept page has many linkings that start with Concept/Winx Club/XXX. When I need to make clear that they are different (e.g. Concepts/Winx Club/Character Designs/Season 4 and Concepts/Winx Club/Storyboard/Season 4) it's messy.

I have to break the Tabbers apart and it looks very weird at times: Concepts/Winx_Club#Storyboard.

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