Hey guys, so I requested to be the Leader of Project Comic and it was accepted. And I just wanted to ask you guys some things regarding the comics.

There are spells in the comics that are not seen in the animated series and I wanted your opinion if we should allow a page for them or not. The thing is, so far, most of these spells are usually only used once and not used again.

And also, I've created a category for the recent comic: Season 4 Comics; do you think there should be other categories to help catalog the comics or not?

Just wanted your guys opinions, so let me know! :D

Edit: Also, forgot to mention, I'll be making grading templates for the comics when I have time. Just an fyi.

Edit 2 (3/18/16):

So far, I've gotten the sections down, and I'm still working on how the pictures will be place but so far, it'll be cropped and texts will be removed. The pictures will be on the synopsis page (just like the how the pictures are place in the synopsis for the episodes.
So for the sections they're:
  • Synopsis (Heading 2)
  • Spells Used (Heading 2; if there is no spells that were used put: None.)
  • Mistakes (Heading 2)
  • Characters (Heading 2; I'm gonna elaborate on this one a little more)
Here, we'll have to categorize a bit. We all know the usual: Specialist, Winx Club, etc. But sometimes we'll have other enemies as well besides the Trix so that's there the categorization comes in.
So it'll be like this:
  • Enemies (using this naming to denote the antagonists)
    • Trix
      • Icy
    • Wizards of the Black Circle
      • Orgon
      • Etc...
  • Trivia (Heading 2; it be like differences of the comics compared to the animated version)

Another note for the categorizations: do check out the comic for an example, but notice that there are other categorization too, like for the animals, staff and other Alfea students. We'll be categorizing like this and we'll being do the same, say for, Cloud Tower/Red Fountain/Zenith (e.g. Cloud Tower Students, Cloud Tower Staff, Zenith Royalty), just to name a few.

Rose had suggested that we'll put galleries for the spells that are comics only (correct if I'm wrong Rose ahaha XD). Let's have a vote!

Add comic-only pictures in galleries?

The poll was created at 21:47 on March 18, 2016, and so far 12 people voted.
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