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  • I live in Terrebonne
  • I was born on January 13
  • My occupation is Winx dolls collector
  • I am Female
  • XxDragonHeart

    Hello everyone, as you have probably noticed, Winx Avatar Story uses Nickelodeon's voices, even tough Nickelodeon doesn't dub Winx anymore. That is because the speech is taken from previous episodes dubbed by Nickelodeon. And the Winx Avatar Story "episodes" don't even last two minutes, which only gives a small script. For these reasons, I am asking for your opinion: should Winx Avatar Story episodes have scripts or no? On next Thursday, the opinion with more votes will win. If it is no, then no more scripts will be created for Winx Avatar Story. I will update this blog and when this will be done, no more votes will be counted.

    As Rose suggested, we'll restart the voting. I didn't thought about anonymous users that could vote on polls. So t…

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  • XxDragonHeart

    Letter to Rainbow

    January 31, 2015 by XxDragonHeart

    Hello everyone,

    After a few attempts to join the team of Rainbow working on Winx without success, I decided to write them a letter to give them another chance. I was only wondering if some of you had some questions I could ask them for you. I will wait until next Saturday and write the final version of my letter on Sunday. To give you an idea, this wiki's clock is 5 hours ahead of where I live. 

    Start writing every idea you have in the comments, you have a week for it!

    P.S.: Should my letter be sent to no one in particular or to Iginio Straffi?

    XxDragonHeart (talk) 22:07, January 31, 2015 (UTC)

    My letter's written now. All there's left is to handwritten and mail it. I included most of your requests, some in a generalized way, but everyone got a…

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  • XxDragonHeart

    Hello everyone, I made this blog to tell you about some points I discussed with RoseXinh prior to her moving and remind about some points she mentioned in her last blog User blog:RoseXinh/こんにちは. I don't know if some you talked to her and got some answers that could be some kind of "instructions" to other users or not, but if so, just leave them in the comments and I'll add them in.

    First of all, Rose mentioned this wiki is an English wiki which covers ONLY the English dub of Winx Club, which means, as discussed with her:

    • English lyrics ONLY for song articles;
      • Translation from Italian English ONLY for song articles is said song does not have an English version. It that case, it must be clearly precised that it is only a translation;
      • Videos in E…
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  • XxDragonHeart

    New leader

    August 27, 2014 by XxDragonHeart

    Hi everyone, Maybe some of you will think this blog is useless, but I though it would be the best way to let everyone know that I am the new leader of the music and script projects. So if you have a question concerning the music or script part you can ask me and I'll try to give the best answer I can.

    Also, as it seems there is a questioning about which language to include or not in the lyrics for the songs, I say we can add all languages, not just Italian and English.

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  • XxDragonHeart

    I've been thinking about what would be season 6's soundtrack name for a few days and I'd like to hear what you think. I came up with many possibilities which could be the title of this season's soundtrack with reasons and to make it more simple, let's just try to guess for the italian version:

    1. Winx Club Bloomix - Serie 6: Season 4's soundtrack is called Winx Club Believix - Serie 4 and Season 5's transformation in the name is Sirenix, which is the season's main transformation, and Bloomix seems to be this season's main transformation as the Winx still use it when they can only use Mythix in the legendarium world.
    2. Winx Club 6 Bloomix: Season 5's soundtrack is called Winx Club 5 Sirenix and Season 5's transformation in the name is Sirenix, wh…
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