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This article is about the Vampires who appears in the comics. You may be looking for the Vampires who appears in the Winx Club series.
Vampires are magical creatures who appear in the Hallowinx comics.


In the Hallowinx comics, it is revealed that legendary creatures like vampires and werewolves started existing again on Earth after the Winx brought magic there.

When fairies still roamed the earth, vampires roamed the night. They lived in groups known as covens. While feared, many vampires weren't evil but neutral or good, similar to witches. They did not drink blood but fed on negative emotions. They actually provided a service to the world. They would find depressed and grief-stricken people and absorb their negative feelings, helping them see hope and moving on while also sustaining the vampires.

Magical Abilities

  • Vampires can absorb negative feelings to sustain themselves. They do this without harming the human or converting him. This process helps humans move on from their negative feelings.
    • Some vampires can keep their deposits of emotions in an object like orchids. It is unknown if all vampires can do this, if they only use orchids, other flowers or other objects.
  • Vampires have the ability to hypnotise people, putting them under their control Even fairies are susceptible. When they use this power, a vampire's eyes glow magenta. Their thralls' eyes glows with the same coloured light.
  • Vampires can make a binding deal that is unbreakable.


Vampires are weak to fire and sunlight.



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