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Vanessa is Bloom's adopted mother and the wife of Mike. She loves Bloom deeply and supports her with whatever she tries to pursue. She works as a florist in Gardenia.


Vanessa is a slightly tan-skinned woman with short brown hair framing her face and hazel-brown eyes. She wears light makeup, usually consisting of pale yellow-gold eye shadow and peach lipstick. She is assumed to be between the ages of thirty and forty.


Vanessa is a kind and caring person with a lot of love in her. Unlike Mike, Vanessa had an easier time approaching the supernatural. This is shown when Vanessa learns that Bloom had saved Stella with her own magic. Vanessa love plants, something she shares in common with Flora, and was quite distraught when Mr. Bonner knocked over one of her plants.

Although a generally gentle person, she can be firm on her decisions, as show when Bloom had convinced Vanessa that Mr. Brown and Mr. Bonner are conman and tried to take over her flower shop, she immediately revoked her decision to work with them. Even when they had pressured her to stay with them she did not falter.

Vanessa also seems to enjoy teasing or messing with people. Shown when she took delight in waking up with a lie about being late for school and teasing Mike about his last remaining sanity when the Winx were living with them temporarily. Vanessa is also quite patient.


The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

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She and Mike were very glad to have Bloom back after graduation and before her birthday, she announces to them that she doesn't belong in this world anymore. When Bloom has a dream about seeing Daphne, she is surprised to see her friends there for her birthday as Vanessa made a surprise party for her. When Bloom says that she's not giving up, her parents say that they are with her all the time.

At the end they show up at the reunion for Domino, and Vanessa said that Bloom will always be her princess.

Magical Adventure

Mike and Vanessa help Oritel and Marion come to an understanding of their youngest daughter.

The Winx arrive on Earth, and they end up collapsing outside. She and Mike, carry them inside and when they wake up they discover they have lost their powers and up staying on Earth until they gain news of what's going in Magix. Elsewhere, the Winx settle into life on Earth.

However, while out at a park, Oritel and Marion visit Bloom's adoptive parents, Mike and Vanessa. Mike shows them a few home videos to give them a taste of what her childhood was like, and Oritel decides to talk to Bloom. Meanwhile, Sky calls Bloom and tells her to meet him on Eraklyon. Bloom returns home, but loses her temper at Oritel instead of talking, before the Winx leave again.


The Fate of Bloom

Vanessa, amused to see Bloom wake up in a panic.

She awakens Bloom under the context of being late for school, which was not true. She and Mike then presented Bloom her gift - a bike. When Stella was unconscious, Bloom brought her home and explained to her parents that she is a fairy. Vanessa was more accepting in the matter and confronted Mike about his disbelief and that this could be Bloom's true heritage. But their discussion was interrupted by Knut and his hunter troll and when they were defeated, she permitted Bloom's entrance into Alfea. They then went to Magix with Bloom and Stella but could not continue any further due to the magic barrier.

She was briefly seen again when Bloom called home to tell her about her day but had to end the call early.

Revenge of the Trix

Vanessa and Mike spend some time with Bloom during her spring break. After Bloom had woken up from a dream Vanessa and Mike went to go check on her, Bloom told her what her dream was about and Vanessa and Mike decided it was time to tell Bloom that she is adopted.

After what happened at Red Fountain with Sky and Diaspro, Bloom returned home and Vanessa welcome her back. That night, the Trix made their reappearance only this time ready to plunge her and Mike into a black hole. When Bloom refused to give up her powers Icy dropped them both but Bloom managed to save them. Icy then reveals Bloom's true identity and steals her powers.

The Battle for Magix

As Bloom awakens after she had passed out from having her powers stolen, Vanessa tells Bloom that she needs to go back to Alfea and sort the situation out.


  • Her name is of English origin and was created by using the name of writer Jonathan Swift's lover, Esther Vanhomrigh, "[combining] the first syllable of her last name with the initial syllable of her first."[1]
  • It was then used to name the genus of a butterfly.[2]



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