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The Veil Mist Forest is a location introduced in Season 3.


The Veil Mist Forest is a forest located beyond the Barrier Mountains. The Red Tower, at the base of which the portal of the Golden Kingdom is found, is located in the Veil Mist Forest. The navi-transmitters of Red Fountain aircrafts cannot locate the Veil Mist Forest and instead show a great big void where the forest should be.

The Veil Mist Forest is a dangerous place according to Chatta, and there are monsters who live there according to Nabu. The Veil Mist Forest is inhabited by the Centaurs who guard the Golden Kingdom, and by tree-like creatures with large mouths full of pointed teeth on their trunks, and prehensile branches with eyes on them and which they use as tentacles to attack other creatures.


Season 3

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