Rex on his Chopper
Venom (Veleno in Italian) is a vehicle that appears in PopPixie. It is a very powerful chopper of Rex.


Venom is a silver/grey chopper which is decorated like a dragon skeleton with red eyes. Venom is characterized by the large motorcycle fork.



Rex and Venom (left) together with Lenny and Ortica (right)

Because Rex and Maxine are Elves and hence have no wings, they use the chopper like the Pixies use their wings. Rex likes to use it in all his raids on Pixieville. Rex also used Venom at "The Pixieville Grand Prix". But he crashed by hitting a billboard together with Lenny. He likes to race against Lenny and his chopper Ortica.


  • Venom's license plate is RE XXX.
  • A venom is a toxic substance produce by some animals and that they inject in other animals by stinging or biting them.
  • In the Marvel Comics, Venom is an alien symbiote who needs to bond with a human to survive. It gives its hosts enhanced powers. Venom is one of the main enemies of Spider-Man.
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