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Veronique is a witch who attends Cloud Tower and member of the Cloud Tower Elite.


Veronique has a pale light gray-tinted skin tone, purple lips, and olive green eyes. She has long, pure white hair held together in a loose ponytail by a tied string, has bangs and wears a dark green headband. She wears a sleeveless, collared army green tunic with a shredded hem, blue bracelets, light green holed leggings, and black laced boots.


Veronique has a laid-back, indifferent personality. She was shown to be nervous as she did a test overseen by the Trix. She has keen instincts under pressure and is not hesitant about launching an attack. She has no qualms about attacking fairies, and laughing mockingly at their inability to harm her with magic, while willingly attacking the Winx at Alfea. Like the other witches, she is eager to get her hands on stronger, powerful magic.


Season 6


Veronique and Kanika happy to be provided membership into the group.

It is uncertain as to when Veronique was admitted into Cloud Tower as she was not seen on the first day of school. But she debuts alongside Kanika in "Queen For A Day" where she is training with the Trix. She and Kanika are both shocked that they have to prove themselves worthy among the other witches of Cloud Tower. She is pitted against Lazuli and as the latter charges up, Veronique uses her spell on her, making her falling. She then torments a trapped Jade and it earns the Trix's respect, allowing her to join the Cloud Tower Elite. Darcy jokes with her and Kanika that they should tutor Lazuli, Jade and Rhody on their skills.

Just as she gained membership into the group, she is invited to the Solarian Royal Palace by Princess Stella who is under an evil spell set up by a Magic Mirror. She, along with her members, have a blast attacking the Winx and Princess Daphne until the fairies unite their powers, forcing her group to leave.


Veronique mocks her enemies as their spells have no affect on her.

She is present with the other girls as news of her group's endeavors reach their classmates and some want to join. Veronique is there to observe the test: successfully pass through the Mirrors of Maelstrom. She was a bit shocked at the outcome of those who failed to pass through however. The group then gains a new member, Zulema. And later, Veronique is called into the Skeleton Room where the Trix places an intangibility spell on the group. They are then instructed to destroy the musical instruments of Alfea and prevent Musa's concert from being successful so that they have no defense against the Trix and of course, her group. However, she and her group fail to do so and are forced to retreat when Musa, Roxy and their classmates successfully produce a musical defense.


Veronique worried about Griffin's enrollment test.

Her group's final "test" involves another attack on Alfea. Armed with the invisibility spell placed by the Trix her group launches their assault on Alfea. Veronique is having the time of her life as the invisibility spell gives her great freedom. But this attack is quickly put to a stop after Tecna uses her new device to reveal her entire invisible group and Cloud Tower. With the upper hand lost, Kanika calls for a retreat which Veronique follows, fleeing back into her school with her group.

Her last appearance is in "Winx Forever." She is startled when Selina firmly requests that they stay in Cloud Tower's auditorium and to not leave. Veronique is not told the reason for this frantic request but still listens. And once Acheron is defeated, Griffin returns to her position as the real Headmistress of Cloud Tower, Veronique is surprised that she will have to go through the in-person enrollment process, again.

Magical Abilities

Weighing Rock

Like all witches, her powers are derived from the negative aspects of magic. Veronique may know some basic, first-level spells that all witches can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. Like all witches, she can fly. She is also able to shoot dark purple beams of energy out of her hands. In one episode she is shown to be able to create a small tornado, but this was only done once.

Uses of Magic


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