Viacom International is an American media company that co-owns Rainbow SpA (the studio that produces Winx Club) alongside Iginio Straffi. Viacom also owns Nickelodeon, the co-developer of the show since Season 5.

Viacom finances most events for the show. In 2010 alone, the company provided the funds for the third and fourth seasons' international relaunches, the production of brand-new seasons, and a new CGI film.[1]

In February 2011, it was announced that Viacom had bought out 30% of Rainbow, a purchase that VideoAge valued at 62 million euros (US$83 million).[2] The rest belongs to Iginio Straffi. It was called "the most significant transaction [in Italian entertainment]" of the year by Cineconomy, and "Straffi's most important agreement" by L'espresso.[3] As a result, Viacom's Nickelodeon networks now broadcast Rainbow's shows worldwide. Nickelodeon's American studios have also collaborated with Rainbow on multiple shows, including Winx Club since 2010 and Club 57 in 2019.


Viacom became involved in financing and producing the Winx Club franchise upon its purchase of 30% of the Rainbow S.r.l. studio.

Pierluigi Gazzolo, the Italian-born president of both Viacom Studios and Nickelodeon International, is also a member of Rainbow's board of directors.[4] He was responsible for arranging the co-production partnerships between Rainbow and Nickelodeon. Explaining his decision to produce the show, Gazzolo said "we really believe in the Winx."[5] During one of his chats with Iginio Straffi, Gazzolo and Straffi had the idea to produce a follow-up show, which eventually became Club 57.[6]


  • According to VideoAge, Viacom's Italian subsidiary was created in 2011, specifically to purchase its division of Rainbow.[2]
  • Viacom's name can be seen printed on many Winx Club toys.


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