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Virus is Tecna's Nemesis.


Virus is tall and slender with long light green "hair" that flows down to her waist. Much like all the other Nemeses, she has black sclera and golden irises surrounded by a small ring of white, however, as a fully functioning robot, Virus' "skin" is white metal plating. The plating just above her eyes is lavender in color and her lips are a deeper shade of purple, whereas her "hair" is made up of wires. Four of these wires stick out on either side of her head and will glow a brighter green whenever Virus uses her powers.

Her body is covered in the same white plating from her chest downwards, as the plating around her upper chest and shoulders is a slightly different pale-brown shade. All her joints are covered by larger pale-brown plates as the joints themselves appear to be black in color. The rest of her body is covered in several black marks with three of them pointing upwards on her upper body and two of them pointing downwards from the waist down; the last of these two being broken. A portion of her upper thighs remain uncovered by metal plating, revealing that they are the same color as her joints, while the rest of her legs are covered. Her thighs in particular have light green V-shaped markings that light up whenever she dashes about and her shoes are directly attached to her feet, with the heels of her shoes being curved to resemble wheels. The bottoms of these curved heels have a strip of green light on them that help to leave bright green streaks of light whenever Virus showcases her speed.


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