Vortex of Flames
The Vortex of Flames is a burning pit located in the palace of Domino. It is the home of the Fire Eaters.


Vortex of Flamez

The Legend of the Vortex of Flames

This Vortex of Flames stores fire that has the ability to destroy the Fire Eaters.


The Vortex of Flames was a testing area for the keepers of the Dragon Flame. According to Bloom, it is incredible and beautiful. In the Vortex of Flames rests the Great Dragon. After so many centuries, the power of the Vortex of Flames grew uncontrollable.

Under the Palace of Domino is the Vortex of Flames. Its magic is so fierce, not even Bloom could stand up to it. The Vortex of Flames is also home to the Fire Eaters.


In the Vortex of Flames live the Fire Eaters.


Season 6

Episode 606 (4)

Bloom, falling to the Vortex of Flames.

In "Vortex of Flames", Selina mentions the idea of using the Vortex of Flames against Bloom to the Trix and Diaspro as they discuss methods of destroying Bloom. The Trix like the idea, prompting Selina to later release the Fire Eaters: monsters who dwell in the Vortex of Flames. Later, the unconscious Bloom is dropped into the pit by Diaspro. After awakening, Bloom rejoices in seeing such a gorgeous place, but the Great Dragon springs from the bottom of the pit and attacks Bloom. The Dragon of Domino summoned by Bloom was weak against the Five-Headed Dragon, as it fell when it was attacked. Bloom gives one last try in defeating the creature by strengthening the Dragon of Domino which defeats the Five-Headed Dragon. Defeating the Five-Headed Dragon and passing the test of the Vortex of Flames earns Bloom her Bloomix, and she flees from the pit to aid her friends.



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